How to Write Papers and Essays More Quickly?

Writing papers and essays is a skill. It is a skill that needs to be constantly perfected and refined. It is important for college students to learn how to write and structure papers that capture their ideas and concepts clearly and compellingly. 

When you write papers and essays, you want to achieve the highest quality possible. You also want to do it quickly and efficiently because you have too many competing demands. Check out my tips to get yourself organized so as to achieve maximum speed and efficiency in your writing continuum.

This is something you should not hurry with. Take your time to go through the requirements and specifications carefully. There is no doubt that this will be time well spent. If you get things wrong from the get-go, you might end up messing up the whole thing. 

It won’t suffice to read them just once. You should also make sure you clarify any ambiguities before you get down to work. Most tutors appreciate it when you go back to them with clarification questions. They are a sign that you are paying attention and that you want to do well.

  • Find the right space for writing

Where you write matters a lot. If your workspace is not comfortable or if you have too many distractions, it is unlikely that you will produce high-quality content quickly. Make sure you invest in creating space that is conducive to effective and quick writing. Get rid of all distractions, ask your neighbors to keep noise levels down, and ensure your space gets lots of natural light.

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  • Create a structure

Creating a proper structure is one of the best practices. It gives a solid outline you can follow in formulating and structuring your thoughts, ideas, and concepts. It also gives you hints about the kinds of references and sources of information you should use. Make sure to have at least three essential elements in your structure –  an introduction, the main body, and a conclusion. 

Introduce your goal and main thesis in the introduction. List all the key arguments you want to use in the main body. These can be in bullet-point format. The conclusion should wrap up your discussion, albeit without introducing any new information or data point. Once you have these in place, you will be writing with ease and a lot of speed.

  • Don’t edit as you write

It is tempting to edit as you write. Of course, you will be correcting typos and mistakes as you go, especially the obvious ones. But it is not smart to make it your objective to come up with a perfect piece of writing right away. Your initial goal is to get all your thoughts on paper and get them organized. Editing and proofreading are separate processes, and you should aim to do that once you are done with drafting.

  • Have someone to rely on for feedback

It never hurts to have someone provide regular feedback on your paper to keep refining your writing skills. This is a major learning opportunity. Whether it is your tutor, your fellow student, or your roommate, it must be someone you trust. Just ask that person to critically review your paper or essay and provide honest feedback on strengths and weaknesses. With continuous learning, you will be cutting down the time you spend on every other paper or essay. 

Bottom Line

Writing is a skill, and it needs to be refined on a regular basis. Use my tips to master writing skills, learning how to write more quickly and efficiently with every new assignment. Remember that practice makes perfect!

by Abdullah Sam
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