Have we ever felt when we were not excited and demotivated, we wondered “in what way should we be able to get the spirit of life back?” The spirit of life or what we usually call passion , does need to be sought until it can. Something that can make us very excited will help us to achieve the success we want.


For example, I always have a high spirit of life when speaking in front of people and teaching a material that for me is very expert in it. Finally, I know that my zeal will come when I work as a trainer or trainer.


I feel very lucky because in the end I know what makes me so excited in life. Unfortunately, not everyone is as lucky as me. There are still many people who lose their way or feel confused in looking for their identity and zest for life.

If this situation also happens to fellow Career Advice, maybe we can help fellow readers through the important explanation below. The following are 5 exercises of creativity that we can apply to find the spirit of life.


First Exercise: What Did We Like to Do From the Small?

Childhood is a happy period filled with innocence, honesty and sincerity. A child will never lie for what they like and what they hate.


Most successful people always do everything they like since they were young and become a habit or even a profession when they grow up. Let’s take the example of a beautiful Indonesian singer named Raisa. Gosh, who doesn’t know this beautiful, golden-voiced artist?


Raisa claimed that since childhood she had liked to sing. The songs that Raisa likes to sing are Disney songs. When singing, Raisa found her life spirit again. He became increasingly motivated and life became more beautiful for him. Let us ask successful writers, what did they like the most since they were young? The answer might be imagining, like writing short stories or telling funny stories to others. So, because all the exercises of creativity that we like from childhood can provide life for us, let’s try to remember again what we like most since we were little.


Second Exercise: Make a Creativity Board. 

The second exercise of creativity that can create enthusiasm for life is to create a board of creativity as we like. This creativity board aims to stick to or write down all the things that make us excited about our lives.


For example, fellow readers become very excited when they imagine to travel around Indonesia. Fellow readers can put a picture of a map of Indonesia and paste the writing next to it, “One day I will go around Indonesia!”.


Write and paste whatever image your fellow readers want, which certainly makes our life spirited vibrant. This is a very enjoyable activity and will lead us to the desired identity.


Third Exercise: Surrounding Yourself with Loved Ones. 

There is no denying that the special people we really care about can bring happiness and ignite the spirit of our lives again. In this third creativity exercise, we advise Career Advice partners to always spend time with them.


When your fellow readers are with them, make the atmosphere very pleasant with unique and happy activities. For example, get together and go on a picnic with family.


Another advantage of spending time with loved ones is to make us more excited and confident that we can achieve all the goals of life that we have.


Fourth Exercise: Doing Everything We Like, Starting Now! 

How can we get the spirit of life, if ourselves do not want to try to do things that we like? Of course everything will feel heavy and time will feel slow, when we do something we don’t like.


The fourth exercise of creativity can be to write down any useful activities that we really like. There are 3 characteristics of activities that we like and can bring enthusiasm to life, namely: First, when we do it, time will feel very fast. Second, we are willing to do it, even though we don’t get paid anything. Third, we never get bored doing these activities.


After knowing what activities we like, then start doing it from now.


Exercise Fifth: Take a break from the rush of work.

Maybe all the workload that we face in the office has brought us into a very drastic decline in morale. Try to relax our brain and mind first. For example, take a week off, without bringing any office work! Go on a trip to a place that we really want to visit first. Calm the mind while there, and start looking for new bright ideas for our next life.


We don’t have to think about ideas about business or work, this can be about anything. Pamper ourselves by growing back the spirit of life that had vanished from circulation.


When we return to work in the office, our minds will return clear, the body will be more relaxed and the spirit of life will return to normal.


by Abdullah Sam
I’m a teacher, researcher and writer. I write about study subjects to improve the learning of college and university students. I write top Quality study notes Mostly, Tech, Games, Education, And Solutions/Tips and Tricks. I am a person who helps students to acquire knowledge, competence or virtue.

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