Hello fellow Career Advice readers, are there any of us who don’t like to interact with cellphones? HP is a technology that makes it easy for us to connect with others whenever and wherever. Of course we all like to interact with cellphones. We can give each other news and connect with people we care about. Yes, this is a good thing if you use your phone wisely. Conversely, if you don’t use your cell phone wisely, it will be very annoying, especially when you are at work. HP can make us lose focus. That way, we will be tempted to postpone and lead an unproductive day. Prohibiting the use of mobile phones at work is not the right solution. However, we need HP to be able to connect with colleagues, clients and even prospective clients.


Now, for that as an adult and professional worker, we must ensure that we have the right rules for the use of mobile phones at work. We must know the right time to use a cellphone. That way, we will not be disturbed and can concentrate fully on work. Here are 7 rules for using mobile phones at work that we need to know about.


1. Keep the cellphone.

The intensity of the use of mobile phones that too often can interfere with productivity , so we need to provide a time limit in using it. To avoid being easily tempted, try to place the HP in a place that is out of reach, such as in a drawer or work locker. Of course we can check occasionally so that no important messages or calls are missed. We just need to ensure that staying focused on the job. That way, we will remain productive and complete the work thoroughly .


2. Turn off the ringtone. 

We must ensure that the HP is idle. If you are communicating with someone about something important, set the phone to vibrate, so that you will not interfere with a colleague who is focused on work.


Nowadays, the use of a smartwatch also helps us to find out who is sending messages and incoming calls without having to interact with the cell phone directly. This makes it possible to see whether incoming messages are really important and must be answered immediately or can be answered later.


3. Use HP only for important calls.

Having small talk with friends or family during working hours is not an important thing. We can do it at rest. If we get an important call, it never hurts to answer the call, for example the school calls and says that we have to pick up a sick child. This is an important call and must be answered immediately. Bosses will also understand the situation we face. However, if a friend calls just to talk about weekend plans, we can postpone it until recess.


4. Use voice messages to answer the call.

One way that can help so that we don’t have to pick up calls constantly is to use voice mail. We can set this voicemail to answer calls that are not important. We can check the voicemail and call back when we have free time.


5. Find a special room to make a call.

Even if we are legitimate to make calls during recess, it is better if we do it in a special room. Yes, a room where there are no other coworkers resting. Make sure that the conversation is also not heard by anyone. That way, we will not disturb other people who are resting. After all, we don’t want others to listen to private matters that are confidential, right?


6. Do not bring your cellphone to the toilet.

One of the ethics of using a cell phone at work is not taking your cell phone to the toilet. Why? Can we imagine if the client suddenly called and we answered while listening to the sound of water from the toilet? This shows that we do not respect the person. Clients may also rethink to collaborate again at a later time.


7. Do not use cell phone during meetings.

Sending messages and making calls can be part of a to-do list, but make sure that we can refrain from using our cellphones during meetings. If you can, don’t bring your cell phone into a meeting room because we always want to steal time to check incoming messages, surf social media, make statuses and even play games.


This is not the right thing to do. Weren’t we at the meeting to discuss and get involved in the topic of conversation? So, avoid bringing cellphones into the meeting room. If you need to block time for an event, bring notes to write down important things or record the schedule you have. That way, we can really focus on paying attention to the person who is talking in front and conveying ideas in meetings. This shows that we can respect everyone who attended the meeting. That way, meetings can be interactive , productive and produce the right decisions.


Well, those are the 7 rules for using mobile phones at work. HP is indeed a technology that makes it easy for us to connect with anyone and even make it easier to complete work. However, make sure that we use HP in a wise and smart way, fellow reader. Do not let the cellphone actually interfere and make us procrastinate. Be a smart and wise technology user. That way, we will still be able to focus and produce high productivity to get great performance and maximum results.


by Abdullah Sam
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