A harmonious work environment can make everyone feel comfortable to maximize their potential. No one can work well if they are in a negative work environment .


A positive work environment is created from the positive attitude displayed by everyone in the organization. What happens if we show a negative attitude? Of course it can damage the comfort of the work environment, so that everyone feels disturbed and may hate us.


We need to know what negative attitudes can damage the comfort of the work environment, even make us someone who is not liked. That way, we can always maintain and display a positive attitude . So, what negative attitudes can interfere with the comfort of the work environment? Here are 10 negative attitudes that can interfere with the comfort of the work environment.


1. Speak on the phone in a loud voice.

Believe that coworkers do not have an interest in listening to the telephone conversations that we do. The conversation is not interesting for coworkers. Moreover, if we have telephone conversations in a loud voice. This attitude will only disturb the calm and comfort of the work environment. Coworkers can also hate us if you continue to do this. Well, how about us? Do we always speak loudly when calling someone? C’mon, we begin to change this negative attitude. Make sure that we use a low volume and do not interfere with the comfort of others. That way, everyone can still focus on the work being done.


2. Mention of assistance provided by coworkers.

When the boss congratulates on the great work produced, we don’t need to mention that there is a lot of help obtained from other colleagues. This is not an important thing to say. Let the boss know that it is the result of our own work. Why? Because, if you mention the assistance provided by coworkers, coworkers will object to giving us help at a later time.


3. To the office in a state of illness.

If you have a cold or other viral illness, coworkers will not feel comfortable with this situation. There is no co-worker who wants to contract the disease. So, if it hurts, rest until we are completely healed. That way, everyone will feel comfortable and do not need to feel afraid of contracting the disease.


4. Tells about everything.

Storytelling is good because you can share your thoughts with others, but you don’t have to tell your colleagues everything. They may not feel interested and lazy to respond to the story. So, rethink what you want to share with coworkers. Talk about things that can improve performance and make a big impact on a shared career. The rest, I don’t think that’s something that needs to be discussed.


5. Talking about matters relating to religion and politics.

Religion and politics are two sensitive topics. Everyone has their own understanding and beliefs. Make sure that we don’t discuss these two things at work, fellow reader.


Later, we will only create an ongoing debate and damage our good relations. Really this will only hurt both parties. We and our colleagues will no longer feel comfortable interacting with each other.


6. Tell dirty jokes.

Everyone will love jokes. This can dilute the tense atmosphere, but we must be careful in telling the joke. We must not tell dirty jokes that are offensive to sexuality.


7. Sending spam to coworkers.

Forwarding thousands of spammy emails to coworkers is not the right thing to do. They will consider the email as not important. They can quickly delete the spam, but we leave feeling upset in their hearts. So, if you have the desire to forward emails, jokes, poems, news or any information, we should refrain from doing it.


8. Chewing gum with a loud volume.

Chewing gum with a loud volume will never make coworkers think that it is something delicious. In fact, they will feel disgusted you know, fellow readers. So, make sure we don’t do that.


9. Not completing the workload alone.

Each of us has the workload of each, with the same portion. If you are unable to complete your personal burdens, this can be difficult for colleagues, especially those who are in a team with us. Co-workers also have their own burdens, so it is certain that no one will be willing to settle the workload with pleasure. We must ensure that we are fully responsible for the burden we have.


10. Underestimate coworkers. 

We might think that looking down on a colleague can be seen as a great person, but with this negative attitude will never make us look like a great person. This even makes other coworkers hate and do not want to hang out with us.


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