5 programs to solve free Math exercises

It is known that the tasks are to learn and solve the exercises, which allow you to practice what you have learned. In this way, it is possible to develop intellectual capacities with the search for solutions. In this post you will know the 5 programs to solve free Math exercises.

To solve the mathematical exercises there are tools available so that you can do it. What is missing is that you review them so that you can choose the one that suits you best and according to your needs. Keep reading and find out.

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  • Programs to solve free math exercises
    • Matlab
    • Mathcad
    • Microsoft Mathematics
    • Drift
    • SMath Studio

Programs to solve free math exercises


We know that not all mathematical operations can be performed with the mind or counting with the fingers, and not even with a calculator. In this sense, if the calculations are more complex, you have to resort to programs to solve free Math exercises , and thus be able to do them.

For them there is a program called Matlab, which is used to perform scientific calculations and is widely used worldwide, both by students and engineers . However, this program is not for use by any user. Initially it was created to solve a large number of mathematical operations and tasks, but today it covers much more.

Among the problems it can solve are the following:

  • Evaluation of functions and problems of differential equations.
  • Solve symbolic problems, displaying their results in a visually pleasing way.

Matlab is more than just a calculator, although it can be used as such. Once the experimentation phase is over, you will be able to trust the tool little by little. Here are the main features of Matlab:

  • Endless tools available with which you can explore, design and solve all kinds of mathematical problems.
  • Among the functionalities it has are those related to: statistics, linear algebra, numerical integration and optimization.
  • Solve mathematical problems where large amounts of data are involved and the results are deposited in matrices or vectors: derivatives, integrals, trigonometry, etc.
  • Possibility of programming your own mathematical functions and calling them from other programs.
  • It has a large number of libraries and mathematical functions .
  • Thanks to its tools, it creates graphical user interfaces
  • Make 2D and 3D graphics.

Download | Matlab


It is a program used for engineering and design calculations. With this tool you will work in an environment of mathematical notation and you will be able to solve, analyze, document and share the calculations.

The tool is unit-oriented, so the risks left to commit are minimized. In addition, it presents a WYSIWYG interface  with which it will allow you to navigate through its Mathcad Express functions. Some of the features that Mathcad presents are:

  • It integrates with the Excel spreadsheet and includes its own.
  • It incorporates symbolic algebra in real time.
  • The data sets are visualized in 3D and their areas are collapsible.
  • Includes more than 600 math functions .

Download | Mathcad

Microsoft Mathematics

Microsoft Mathematics is a tool designed to help students, and it is completely free. At first it had 3 paid versions but then Microsoft (its creator) went on to make it free. It is a very useful program that helps the student with calculation tasks and problem solving.

The tool presents a series of very useful features that we will mention below:

  • It includes a graphing calculator , also other tools such as: unit converter, solution of systems of equations; perform matrix and vector operations, solve formulas and equations.
  • Its interface is simple and familiar, because it is based on other Microsoft products .
  • Students of science and mathematics will see in this tool an option to solve their mathematical exercises easily.

Download | Microsoft Mathematics


The Derive program works with symbolic notation, different from other numerical calculation programs such as Matlab or Scilab. This type of program allows operations to be carried out using the exact value of the quantities, precisely because it uses the symbolic notation designation. Among the features of this program are the following:

  • He works the numbers in an exact and approximate way with exact, natural, real, rational and complex numbers.
  • Work with algebraic fractions and polynomials.
  • Solve problems involving linear and nonlinear systems of equations.
  • Work with matrices and determinants.
  • Represents curves in the plane and surfaces in space.
  • Perform limit, derivative, and integral calculations.
  • Solve problems related to Linear Programming.

Download | Drift

SMath Studio

With SMath Studio you can solve your mathematical operations, it works like a virtual notebook.  In addition, it is capable of solving any mathematical operation on the PC. Its interface has a clear central part and on one side there is a bar with all the necessary tools to select and import symbols, configure logarithms and functions, insert graphs and add matrices.

Among the features that SMath Studio has:

  • It is a free program designed for any study.
  • As it is a program that works as a virtual notebook, virtual work will be easier.
  • Its use is simple.
  • In the virtual sheet we can apply various mathematical formulas that are arranged in the right margin of the interface.

Download | SMath Studio

Each of the programs to solve free Math exercises has its qualities, everything will depend on which problems you want to focus on. However, we can tell you that one of the most complete and popular is Matlab . Although with SMath Studio you will have the facility to learn it easily and solve mathematical problems much faster.

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