4 Types of content creators: when to use them?

You need content, that means you need a writer. So what are you waiting for? Shouldn’t you find a freelancer and flow with the flow?

Different types of writers have different skills. It is not that different from how basketball players are.

To the inexperienced eye, all players seem to do more or less the same thing: dribble, pass, throw. But in reality, each player has a particular position and role. Some help clear the way for others to launch.

Some launch from one place, and others launch from another. Even within the same position, some players have better abilities . Some block, some steal, some help, and others are professionals on the counterattack.

Writers have different specialties too. This article will help you better understand each type of writer, what they stand out for and what type of projects they fit best.

In this way, you can ensure that your project is very successful. Can some writers have more than one specialty? Of course.

The key to finding the right writer is to understand your needs. Let’s start!

Brand journalist

Journalistic-style writers are experts at longer pieces. Think about the articles you would see in a magazine or newspaper. This type of writer is great at finding a story and building narratives that fit your brand’s vision and mission.

They explore a topic from different angles until they find human interest in it.

Brand journalists are often masters of headline writing, as online journalism often lives and dies when clicked based on those headlines.

Brand journalists can be a solid partner for content marketing pieces, as they are naturally more storytelling oriented than hard sales and product details.

They can also be useful for types of stories that can be launched for third-party location, content creation that highlights your company’s story or raison d’être, newsletters, community engagement stories, even blog posts that take an approach. more narrative or investigative.

SEO editor

SEO copywriters are merchants of everything. They can be an excellent choice for high volume, short and knowledge level content that does not require much experience.

Because this skill set is more widely available, you can usually get help from these writers for less price than those skilled in certain subjects.

SEO copywriters know how to embed keywords and phrases into a web copy to maximize the benefit of organic search and avoid penalties. Some can even search for keywords.

Naturally, SEO copywriters are exactly the writers you need when you want to create content to help your website rank better organically in search results in order to get more traffic.


Digital editor

Modern websites and applications are interactive environments. They are not like a print ad or a billboard. They can involve many screens or pages, buttons, links and all kinds of other actions that a visitor / user can use to achieve their goals.

Digital writers understand this type of digital travel more. They have strategies and tactics to help guide people through the trips they want to take and how to guide people in the experiences the customer wants to offer.

These writers tend to be analytical minded and often want data to help guide important writing decisions.

Does a link or button set the correct expectation for an app user? Is the copy on a web page along with an informational hierarchy that makes it easy for a visitor to quickly learn what they want?

Influencer Writer

The best advantage of using an Influencer is its integrated audience. If the content is ultimately published on your or their websites, your influencer helps you put the content in front of more and different people, who otherwise you would not have reached.

Engaging influencers in your content creation can add credibility, creating a halo effect around your brand.

Some influencers duplicate and function as subject matter experts if they play in a particular niche or subject. Others may even have relationships that make it easy to get earned placements with publishers.

So, use these types of writers when you need to take advantage of their built-in content amplification capabilities.


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