Why events are important to your marketing strategy

Surely you think about iconic events sponsored under big brands, sponsorships and equally media venues. If you are marketing, you surely think of OMEXPO, for example, if you are of tourism, you think of Fitur.

But not all events are of that size, there are many more that are equally useful and important, although without their media character.

However, there is something that escapes you: why not organize an event yourself or your company?

It does not matter if you are a company or even a freelance, you should consider that idea. I tell you why.

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1. It is not expensive to organize an event

Contrary to what you may think, organizing an event is not expensive. Many municipalities, at least in Spain, have facilities that they give to companies or individuals, for events or conferences, and for free.

If it is summer, you can do it on a farm, and just consult the rental of tents for commercial events , and you can create a comfortable place and even with your own event branding on it.

2. You create networking

The markets are in chaos: they are scattered and without order or concert.

Suppose you are engaged in SEM. The event will serve for you and your guests to network, strengthen alliances, but, above all, that networking will help create order: clients will be able to see a group of companies and professionals in one place, without having to search and compare.

3. You generate brand recognition

Getting a potential customer to remember your brand costs money. Big brands invest in advertising, logo design or packaging, just for that.

If you organize an event, and you do branding with a tent, for example, in charge of Röder Spain , you have already progressed miles in the recognition race.

According to studies, 8 out of 10 people who attend a face-to-face event transmit the experience and the name of the event and / or brand that organized it to a third party.

4. They talk about your products / services

Do the events organized by Avon or Tupperware sound familiar to you? Since they were launched years ago, they have continued to be very successful.

Their success is that they don’t need to sell to sell.

Let me explain: they organize events where they show their products, they even give things to those who attend, without any commitment to purchase, because they know that these people will talk about the brand in their family or work centers, even if they have not bought.

In an event that you organize, the same thing will happen: people will talk about you on their blogs, forums or social networks, without you needing to sell to get them to talk about you.

As the genius Gary Vaynerchuck said : “Relationships are leverage. If you first value someone else, you have influence. ” Event marketing is one of the best ways to start that personal relationship with your consumer, give it value and then take advantage of it.


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