6 Keys to be a good recruiter

The goal to be considered a good recruiter is to the extent that talent is attracted to companies, no matter if they are small or large, even startups are in the “war”.

The task has become more complicated as the labor market has blurred borders and there is access to the almost global labor market: we travel more than ever, and emigrate more than ever.

If the recruiter is also in charge of the upper area of ​​the organization chart, things are much more complicated.

Well, to improve your work, I leave you five areas or keys that you must master to improve in your work of “talent hunting” for your company.

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1. Control the speed of the recruiting process

A successful recruiter posts jobs quickly, starts working on your network with immediate contacts, schedules phone calls and interviews with top candidates right away, and extends offers to winning candidates without delay. Every day you lose weight, the hiring process doubles or triples your chances of success.

Suppose you are ordered to post a job ad for ten jobs, from two departments. It is more than obvious that filling those vacancies is practically urgent, and the faster the process, the more your company will benefit.

2. Always recruit

There is no 40-hour recruitment week! Instead, you should be willing to spend more time and effort investigating where the talent is hiding, and then go there to start building relationships. This means talking to people everywhere: airplanes, professional events, conferences, whatever. It also means joining recruitment groups and using recruitment forums where you can network with others who want to share advice and offer help.

3. Use all recruiting resources

Recruitment does not depend on a single source to find the best talent. By combining an internal database, employee referral programs, external recruitment agencies, advertising, college recruitment efforts, and online recruitment, you will maximize your recruiting power.

4. Know the online recruitment channels

Don’t use every app, channel, group or social network for all your recruitment. Each one is different and attracts a different profile. For example: McDonald’s uses a channel like Facebook more to attract employees and LinkedIn to sell its franchises or more executive profiles.

5. Involve everyone in the search for talent

Don’t settle for recruiting, try and involve employees in the effort to get talent for the jobs. How? By encouraging all employees to spread the word about how good the company is, and by educating hiring managers in today’s job market, the market value of certain skill sets and the need to recruit good employees.

The goal is for people to want to work in your company, just like Google or Facebook do: they reduce costs in search of talent because they naturally attract it.

6. Contact the online marketing department

You must be very well connected with the person or managers of online marketing of the company. If it does not exist, it will be up to you: create company business profiles in the main channels, employment agencies and social networks that exist.

For example: If you want to publish ” Commercial Agent Wanted ” you will not publish it with your personal name, but with that of a company, in order to provide confidence and seriousness to the vacancy you have published. The channel doesn’t matter.


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