4 super smart ways to train your brain to become focused and efficient

Sometimes it is not enough to work with your hobby. You might think that it is the best thing there is, to do what you most of all want to do all day. But sometimes there is still gravel in the machinery. You simply do not get anything sensible done, even though the will and ambition are there. And if several things are put on hold, stress becomes a contributing factor to it receiving even more. Multitasking is not the solution here.
Instead, do the following:

1. Plan your day
Use an almanac and divide your day into different sessions. Write down what you are going to do during each session. It can be a half-hour session, an hour or maybe just a quarter. The important thing is that you do what you have to do during the session – and stop when the time is up. This simple tip will help you get your brain to “zone” in – ie. do the right things at a set time.

2. Find an undisturbed space
Look around – is your surroundings really the optimal one to do what you are supposed to do? Look for a better place where you can “zone in” on your tasks without being disturbed. Maybe you can work in a study room at the library? You may need to rent or borrow a room and not sit at home and work with all the distractions that are at home. (It may be enough for the mail to fall in – you become curious and then you lose focus and drive.)

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3. Set boundaries
If you can not shut yourself off completely and be forced to have people near you, then set boundaries. Teach them to respect that you work from time to time and do not want to be disturbed. Make no exceptions, because then they will teach people that there is always a chance that you will make new exceptions.

4. Meditate for a while

Feel free to do this before you start a task. And it does not have to be that complicated. Google for a simple technique and give yourself 10 minutes to just breathe and disconnect from everything before tackling anything.

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