Your life is your own responsibility”, often this expression becomes the principle of some people that everything they do in life will be their own responsibility. The definition of responsibility according to experts is to have the attitude, status or burden associated with reliability and trust that will be maintained as well as possible. In other words, the meaning of responsibility is to accept and maintain every consequence that is obtained by the individual for every attitude, action and decision he takes. The simplest example of responsible behavior is when we borrow the pen of our co-workers, then we must return it again after usage is complete. If necessary, we must put it in the same place as when we borrowed it.


In addition, an example of responsibility at work is when our boss asks us to complete one financial report within two days. Well, completing the financial statements in a timely manner can be said as an example of the responsibilities we do at work . Oh yes, responsibility also takes several forms. Various kinds of responsibilities include responsibility to oneself, responsibility to the community. In addition, we can also see examples of responsibilities towards families or examples of responsibilities towards the nation and state.


What Are the Ways to Make Us Responsible for the Life Now Live?

In general, every human being needs to be fully responsible for their lives . Now, this is a basic principle that everyone must have, especially if they want to achieve success and happiness in their personal and work life.


Unfortunately, not everyone has an attitude of responsibility, colleagues. For some people, failure is a condition where they deserve to blame others for the failure they get. They began to look for a “scapegoat” who could be blamed for the matter and they behaved as if they were not responsible for what they were doing.


This irresponsible attitude we need to avoid. If not, we will continue to view our careers as failures that deserve to be insulted or not appreciated at all. Consequently, we are never satisfied with what we have tried, there is only regret in every action taken.


So, how can we have a responsible attitude towards the life we ​​are living now? According to the website of the balance careers dot com, there are 4 ways we can apply to be responsible for the life we ​​have.


1. Stop Searching for Reasons for All Failures and Mistakes in Life.

The first step we need to take to behave responsibly is to stop making excuses for every failure we face. It is precisely those who always look for excuses are individuals who fail to succeed in their professional and personal lives.


When we make a mistake, accept the consequences. Don’t look for reasons that someone is influencing our actions or someone has trapped us so that failure simply arises. Come on! Everyone has control of his own life. So if we make a mistake, it’s a sign that we have to take responsibility for that mistake.


Next time, when we find ourselves looking for excuses, immediately say this sentence in our hearts “Hey (say your name), that’s enough. There is no reason we need to look for this again. Facing all the consequences is the best decision I need to make “. After that, we need to instill a positive mindset for every failure we face and the mistakes we make.


Failure is present so that we continue to strive to achieve the goals of life that we have and mistakes occur so that we make it as a lesson and meaningful life experience to continue life in the future. So, the first step we need to take to be responsible with our lives is to stop looking for any reasons for failures and mistakes that occur in life.


2. Believe that Our Life is Completely Our Responsibility.

The second way we need to do is realize and believe with all our heart that the life we ​​are living now is our full responsibility. Do you know, colleagues? In fact people who want to take full responsibility for their lives, will surely feel happy because they are the only people who can take control of the life being lived.


These individuals will live life without burdens, without the influence of others and of course without any coercion from anyone. Why is that? Because every time they make a choice, these individuals will be aware of all the consequences they will get. So, long before they make a decision, they will think through the consequences thoroughly and be ready to face it.


My life is my own responsibility and the life of my fellow readers is a responsibility that needs to be taken by my fellow readers. No matter how hard we try to blame others for the events in our lives, every event that happens is the result of the choices we have made before.


When we want to travel for a vacation, try to be responsible for our office work before going out for a walk, responsible for leaving our pet cat to the nearest neighbor, responsible for paying our hotel and food bills during the vacation, and so on.


When we want to achieve success to a higher career level, be responsible for completing all our work on time, be responsible for not being late to the office, and be responsible for other things that allow us to gain trust and promotion of work .


If we have firmly believed that our lives are our own responsibility, then we will feel more calm and peaceful in living this life. There are several ways we can do to be responsible without blaming ourselves for failures or mistakes that occur, namely as follows.

– Take a deep breath and say positive words to ourselves. Calm yourself and try to eliminate feelings of guilt, and avoid loopholes to look for reasons for any mistakes and failures that exist.

– Try to listen to our deepest conscience. Does our conscience keep blaming others for the mistakes and failures that have occurred? Do we blame our coworkers, family, relatives or strangers who come into our lives? If our conscience still blames others, try to position ourselves in the position of the person we are blaming. Assume that he is blaming us for the failure that he is feeling. How do we feel?

Will we be angry, disappointed, or even feel resentful? In general, we will not feel happy if others try to blame us for something we think is not our fault. Now if we feel we will not be happy about this, then why do we still blame others?

– The last way, if there are other people who give feedback to us because they like to blame others for the failure received, then try to accept the feedback gracefully. Receiving feedback or feedback gracefully will realize us that everyone has their own responsibilities and burdens. So, our job is not to add to their burdens anymore, but to be responsible for our own burdens.


3. Believe that Every Decision We Make in Life Is Important.

The third way that is no less important is to instill the mindset that “every decision I take now will be very influential for my life in the future”. Live as if every decision we make is very important, because in reality it is.


Every choice we make and every action we take will have a certain effect in the future, so we must be careful and need to think things through with a mature mind. Well, these choices and decisions will also affect our career lives, colleagues. When we choose to be a productive and proactive employee, we will receive the positive impact later. Conversely, if we choose to be a worker who is always lazy, does not maintain integrity and likes to lie, hmm … surely fellow readers know for themselves how the impact? In essence, be careful in making choices and decisions in our lives. When we have chosen something, make sure that we are able to take responsibility for its effects.


4. Believe that Every Thing I Think Will greatly Influence My Life.

“You are what you think”. Yep! This phrase may be true, because we will feel like what we think. When we think that we are fools, the people around us will think so. Now, when we think that we are the one in control and the only person who has to take responsibility for everything that happens, then we will apply these thoughts to our lives.


So, try not to think negatively and blame others for the mistakes and failures we face today. Believe that every decision and choice we make is something important. In addition, every positive thought that we think will greatly help us in facing every challenge that comes in life, so whatever the circumstances, we are ready to accept risk and be responsible.


The four ways above are guidelines on how we can be personally responsible for the life we ​​are living now. We hope this article can provide many benefits to fellow readers. Best regards, Career Advice colleagues.


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