Get to Know the Definition of “Creative Thinking

Why do we often hear the word “creative thinking”, and do we need to have creative thinking especially in the work environment? First of all, we need to know in advance what is meant by creative thinking itself. Creative thinking or creative thinking is the ability of thinking possessed by individuals and can direct the individual to thinking that is full of creativity, so that he is able to create something new and unique works that are different from previous works. Creative thinking is one of the extraordinary abilities that others don’t necessarily have. In fact, creative thinking according to experts is categorized as one of the keys to life success .


So, is creative thinking included in the skills needed in the world of work? Of course yes! Unfortunately, many people think that creative thinking or creative thinking is required only for professions related to the arts or arts. For example, novel writers, painters, musicians or singers. Examples of creative thinking done by musicians is to change old song arrangements into more contemporary music arrangements, or painters who paint on small stones so that they become antique works.


However, creative thinking is not only needed by art workers. Creative thinking or creative thinking in entrepreneurship or corporate (corporate) is also very necessary. Every company hopes that its employees can have good creative thinking . So, they are able to solve any problems or conflicts that occur in the work. One example is the conflict between coworkers that occurs because of differences of opinion. In this case, creative thinking can help us in finding a way out (problem solving), colleagues!


Creative thinking or creative thinking can also be interpreted as a way of thinking that is done out of bounds, aka our way of thinking is unusual but extraordinary. It is true that some people have a natural talent from within themselves to be able to think creatively. In other words, creative thinking or an indicator of creative thinking has been embedded in him since birth. However, we don’t need to worry about this reality because creative thinking is included in skills that can be improved through some of the training that we do.


If we have coworkers who are considered to be very creative and have very good creative thinking, then try to approach them and ask questions about how they can improve critical thinking ? Do you think there is no special training that he did to become a critical thinker? Do they like to read books? If so, what books did they read? And so forth.


Top 5 Skills from Creative Thinking 

Now that we understand the meaning of creative thinking, now is the time for us to get to know and understand examples of what skills are included in creative thinking. According to the website of the balance careers dot com, there are the top 5 skills of creative thinking that we need to know and learn, so we can have good creative thinking techniques. Anything? Let us consider the following explanation.


1. Analytical Skills (Analytical).

The first skill we need to have in creative thinking is trying to understand something before we make any decision. This ability to understand is called analytic or analytical skills. We need to know something very carefully, in detail and understand what the meaning of a problem or subject that we are facing.


It does not matter whether the matter is related to the text (narrative), a set of data (quantitative data), a business plan, a learning plan or whatever it is, try to understand and analyze it first.


2. Skills in Open-Minded Thinking.

The second skill we need to improve creative thinking is trying to think openly or have an open-minded mindset. We must dare to get rid of all the bad opinions (assumptions) or biased thoughts that we might have so far. Whether we realize it or not, all negative thinking like that will only keep us from creative thinking skills.


Logically, we will not dare to explore new things, if our mindset is still very narrow. For example, we do not dare to be a creative entrepreneur because we are afraid that if later we become successful people, other people will think biased towards us. There are many trivial things that we don’t need to think about, because that only keeps us from creative thinking. So, from now on we must have the courage to think openly.


3. Good Problem Solving Skills.

What about the third skill? The next top skill that is no less important is the skill in solving problems properly or what we refer to as problem solving skills . In this case, leaders and recruiters not only want to have employees who always provide creative and bright ideas. However, they also want employees to be able to solve their problems in a creative way, so that problem solving can be done well.


4. Organizational Skills.

Although most people who have high creativity do not like to organize, but actually the organization is one of the most important parts of creativity.


By organizing, we will be motivated to continue to think forward and be challenged to create new ideas related to the lives of many people. In addition, we will also have a broad mindset or mindset, because by organizing we realize that life is not just about ourselves.


5. Communication Skills.

Lastly, skills that can help improve our creative thinking is a skill in communicating or communication skills . Logically, we will find it difficult to explain our creative ideas to others, if we do not have good skills in communicating them. For example, we already have bright ideas that we will present to prospective clients or potential vendors. But because we look very stiff and stammer in delivering the presentation, eventually our potential vendors or clients find it hard to believe what we are conveying. So to have good creative thinking, we need to have good communication skills too.


What Are the Examples of Creative Thinking? 

In fact, examples of creative thinking can vary, colleagues. In this article, we will reveal several examples of creative thinking that include artistic creativity, creative problem solving and creativity in STEM. Let’s look at a few examples below.


Artistic Creativity.

– Arrange dialogues or scripts for television or radio ads.

– Make packaging for a product

– Design a logo for a product or service in a company.

– Develop learning plans for class participants or online classes.

– Designing contemporary clothing designs.

– Make a poster or flyer for the promotion of an event, and so forth.


Creativity in Solving Problems (Creative Problem-Solving).

– Identifying ways to cut costs during a budget crisis.

– Suggest new ways of communication to resolve conflicts between employees.

– Suggest new ways to improve customer service.

– Suggest new procedures for improving the quality of employee work.

– Brainstorm ways to cut excessive energy use (for example, electricity).

– Brainstorming to set new work strategies the following year, and so on.


Creativity in STEM (Creativity in STEM).

Previously, we need to know first what is meant by STEM? The STEM field stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Well, here are some examples of creative thinking in the STEM field.

– Compile computer programs to automate the online learning process.

– Designing social media platforms for smart phones.

– Finding new effective drugs to treat cancer.

– Identifying new ways to increase the number of blood donors.

– Designing new inventions that are useful for future robots, and so on.

Yep! That’s the understanding of creative thinking, the 5 top skills needed in creative thinking , as well as examples of creative thinking that fall into the fields of artistic, problem solving and STEM. So, are your readers now clearer about anything related to creative thinking? We hope this article will be useful for all of your fellow readers. Best regards, Career Advice colleagues.


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