What Is Meant by “Human Resource Staff” and Who Are They?

Before we understand what is meant by human resource staff, it’s good we must understand what is meant by “Human Resource” itself. Human resources are a collection of individuals who support the success of an organization or company in which the human resource team will organize all matters relating to the business or economic sector which is often the “capital” for human resources. Well, HRD staff are people who are included in the field of human resources . HRD is an extension of the Human Resources Department.


Are human resources jobs specific to everyone? Not really. Some of the requirements to become an HRD are having an educational background that is relevant to the field of Human Resources, for example Psychology. In addition, HRD is a collection of people who understand the ins and outs of the company as well as possible and are able to provide effective solutions to existing human resource problems. In this case, human resource development is also very necessary to improve the skills or skills possessed by the human resource staff. One reason why this is important is because the presence of human resources is really needed in every organization or company that wants to develop.


What Are the Signs that Our Business Needs Human Resource Staff?

Well, this article is very suitable to be read by fellow readers who are confused, whether fellow readers should recruit human resource staff in your business or not?


According to the business website dot com, there are 5 signs that we can make a guide about when we need to recruit human resource staff in our business. Let’s just refer to the following explanation.


1. We Need to Divide Time in Other Matters.

Recent research shows that 41% of business people who are just starting their small business choose to handle and control all human resource matters alone, without the help of any other employee.


However, if our business has spent our time as much as 18 to 40 hours during a month to work on tasks related to human resources, then this is the right time for all of us to consider the human resource staff in our business. Because in the end every leader and businessman will definitely need reinforcements from his employees. Moreover, if our business grows and faces increasing complexity, then the presence of human resource staff is indeed indispensable in business.


It is not possible to continue to switch roles at any time without any help from other employees. Soon we will become a CEO, soon we will become Human Resource staff and then, soon we will become accountants, of course this will be very tiring.


What’s more, if the time we need to dedicate to HR matters is very long and long, there we will not be able to provide maximum performance in other fields which may also be equally important. For example, we don’t have much time to meet with clients or we don’t have enough time to expand our networking . In fact, these two things are very important for the progress of a business.


2. Our business continues to grow and progress.

If a business partner has around 20 employees, the business associate still has the opportunity to take care of human resource matters alone. Of course, with a note that fellow readers are able to do it, even though they have to give more time on human resource matters.


However, if our business is growing and advancing by having a growing number of employees, for example reaching 50 employees. This condition indicates that our business needs human resource staff who can help us to manage the increasing number of employees.


Believe me, we will not have enough time to deal with work conflicts that may be present among our employees, take care of finances, conduct employee performance evaluations, meet with clients, or conduct programs that help improve the skills of employees. We cannot do all that alone, we need reinforcements, that is, professional human resource staff.


3. Small Tasks in the Human Resource Field that We Do are increasingly messy.

The results showed that 86% of business owners or entrepreneurs feel very confident that they can manage human resource affairs very well. However, when they are asked about matters relating to specific tasks such as employee performance progress records, minutes of meetings or client contact numbers, they are not sure if they are doing well, even some of them will also think that they have never done the task before.


If our business experiences a condition like this, then it’s time for us to recruit human resource staff who can handle small tasks that have an important role in the company. Recruiting human resource staff can keep us from worrying and reducing the risk of abandoned work.


4. We Have the Ability to Recruit Human Resource Staff, But We Only Feel Worried.

The fourth sign is that we have all the capabilities to recruit human resource staff, especially capital money to pay HRD salaries. However, we feel very worried about delegating human resource assignments that we normally do ourselves to others. Now if conditions like this are happening to us now, while our business is increasingly growing and requires the help of human resource employees, then eliminate our bad thoughts and worries. This is the right time to recruit human resource staff for our business, the goal is of course that our business will be better managed and we can divert our time and energy for other matters that are no less important.


5. Corporate Culture Is a Top Priority in Our Business.

Most entrepreneurs and business people have become increasingly convinced to instill and expand a company culture that they believe is the best corporate culture to apply. Now, if your fellow readers feel very confident that corporate culture is a top priority for your business, then this is the right time to delegate this task to the human resource staff that we are recruiting. The goal is that the human resource staff that we choose can become company representatives to instill the company culture to employees. That way, fellow readers can do other things that are equally important, right?


Now if your fellow readers have these 5 signs in your business, then this is the right time for your fellow readers to recruit human resource staff and help your business grow and progress. Our advice, if your fellow readers already have the signs above, don’t hesitate and don’t delay anymore to find the best human resource staff. Keep your spirits up, Career Advice colleagues.


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