What is the meaning of “Recruiting Employees”?

Before getting to know a few tips that we will discuss in this article, it’s good if we understand the meaning of “recruiting employees” first. Well, what do you think about recruiting employees? Is it the same as looking for employees to work in the companywe? Well, recruiting employees is a process carried out with the aim of finding, selecting, finding and inviting the best candidates who are outside the company to work with our company, in order to achieve the company’s vision and mission together. Recruiting employees is included in the task of human resources, but actually this task is also the responsibility of many people in the company, especially leaders. Leaders really need to be selective in recruiting talented employees with the best quality.


In fact, recruiting superior new employees is an easy and difficult process. Especially to be able to recruit effective employees, of course this is not an easy thing, colleagues. Employers must go through a series of stages of employee recruitment for the effective recruitment process of employees.


We also cannot predict when an effective recruitment process will take place, because sooner or later the recruitment process depends on our success in finding employees that we think are best for our organization or company.


If your Career Advice colleagues are indeed trying to recruit the best new employees, then we advise fellow readers to read this article to the end, because in this article we will discuss about how to recruit high-quality employees. According to the dot com entrepreneur website, there are 13 powerful tips we can apply when recruiting high-quality employees. Anything? Let us consider the following explanation.


1. Write a Detailed and Clear Job Description.

The first tip we need to do to screen out new employees who excel is to ensure that as recruiters we have described job responsibilities in detail and clearly. In this case, the job description we make must reflect the careful thinking and intelligent figure that will be filled in by the best candidate for our company.


Job descriptions can include what skills are needed for the job position , what kind of personality the company wants, what experiences are relevant to the position, and what uniqueness or value that the candidate can bring, but are not shared by other candidates.


2. Recruiting the Highest Quality Employees of Our Leading Employees. 

In addition to compiling a detailed and clear job description, we also need to recruit employees by looking for “the best quality” like the ones in our top employees. For example, say a fellow reader has 20 superior employees with the best performance, 10 employees whose performance is in average size, and 5 employees whose performance is below average.


To recruit high-quality employees, we can make our 20 best employees as a guide to summarize the “success profile” that we are looking for in new candidates. Find out what criteria and performance make 20 employees excel, is it because of their integrity? discipline in work ? Try to find positive values ​​in the new candidates when we do the recruitment process.


3. Set the Right Concept for Job Adverts.

If your fellow reader has compiled a clear and detailed job description, and has also included the success profile that your top employee has in the vacancy, then now is the time for your fellow reader to turn to the third tip. The third tip advises us to make the right concept for existing job advertisements by outlining the main positions and qualifications needed. The concept of this advertisement might sound very simple huh, colleagues? However, including work positions and key qualifications needed will make it easier for us to select job candidates. Yes, although there will be candidates who are still “stubborn” to keep trying to apply, but at least this way will limit the number of job applicants who do not meet the requirements.


4. Posting Job Vacancies in the Most Potential Media.

The internet and technology have made life easier for many people, including the recruitment process. With the help of the internet and technology, it will be easier for us to recruit high quality employees for our company. However, we need to ensure that the advertising media we use is the right and best platform so that we can get candidates that match the requirements and job descriptions we want.


5. Review the Received Resumes and Identify the Best Candidates We Are Looking For.

After we post job advertisements in some trusted media, we might receive heaps of resumes from various candidates. When many resumes have come in, now is the time for us to do a review of all resumes. Identify the best candidates we want based on work experience, educational background, skills (talents) and organizational experience that can make it easy for us to select high-quality candidates.


6. Set a Series of Questions for the Recruitment Process by Telephone.

Another effort we can do in recruiting the best employees is to develop the employee recruitment process by telephone. In this case, we need to compile a series of effective questions that we can use to select the best candidates by telephone. In this way, we can identify selected candidates who meet the requirements and can meet the job descriptions we make by defeating the competencies of other candidates.


7. Now, Selection of Our Best Candidates by Phone.

After posting a job advertisement, compiling a series of questions to be submitted over the telephone , and after a large pile of resumes in front of us from job applicants, now is the right time for us to call them and make a selection. We can start contacting candidates by asking a series of questions that we have previously made. By using a series of questions that are consistent and the same for all job candidates, it will be easier for us to evaluate candidates equally.


8. Select Potential Candidates to Follow the Next Assessment Process.

After conducting the recruitment process over the telephone and getting answers and responses from candidates, the next tips suggest us to choose the candidates that we feel are most meet the requirements or closest to the existing job requirements, so we can invite them to follow the next selection process. If your fellow readers feel confident about a number of candidates that you consider to be of high quality, then don’t hesitate to invite them to take the next set of tests or assessments, colleagues.


9. Perform Candidate Evaluation through Some Proven Tests or Assessment Tools.

Now that you have a list of potential candidates, it is time for us to carry out an assessment through a series of tests or using a proven assessment tool. In this test, we must know how the characters are owned by the candidates. Is he an introvert or an extrovert? Is he someone who is easy to agree with something or is not easy to agree on something? Is he a creative person who dares to think beyond his limits or a conventional person with old-fashioned thoughts?


All of this goes back to the “Success Profile” that we expect from candidates. If we want an extroverted candidate because they will be easier to build networking with clients, then look for potential candidates who have extroverted character. In essence, all evaluations return to us who compile the success profile itself.


10. Invite Our Potential Candidates for the Interview Session.

After going through a series of tips before, now is the right time for us to schedule an interview session and invite potential candidates to attend the interview session. Don’t forget to ask effective and effective questions in helping us to find high-quality candidates.


11. Choose a candidate.

After the interview session has taken place and we have given the opportunity to all potential candidates to speak, it is time for us to make a choice. We need to match the best candidates for us with the job descriptions we have distributed through previous job advertisements.


12. Don’t Forget to Do a Background Check on Your Potential Candidates.

Although we have chosen the candidates who are considered the best and have high quality. We also need to check or examine the background of the potential candidate. Maybe there are some things that are not revealed when we do interview sessions or work tests with candidates. In this case, we can call the company where they worked before and ask how their personality and previous performance.


13. Make a Job Offer to Our Best Candidates. 

After 12 previous tips have been applied and we feel increasingly confident that the candidate is a high-quality prospective employee, now is the time we make job offers to the best candidates.


Now after reading the 13 tips above, are your fellow readers ready to recruit your best employees? If so, congratulations on hiring the best employees for your company, Career Advice colleagues.


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