Who is included in the “Millennial Generation”?

After conducting a study for more than a decade, the Pew Research Center finally found many facts relating to the millennial generation, where the oldest age of this generation has reached the age of 38 years, and of course the millennial generation has been followed by new generations afterwards. That is why at this time variations of generations have emerged such as, generation x, y, z .


In order to make the discussion about the millennial generation clearer, the Pew Research Center team agreed to establish 1996 as the last year of the birth of the millennial generation. The Pew Research Center decided that young people aged 23 to 38 were people who belonged to the millennial generation.


So, if anyone is confused about what year the millennial generation was born in or what year was it born? So we have found the answer now from this research team. In addition, we know that the characteristics of the millennial generation are indeed quite unique compared to previous generations. Therefore, special ways are needed to be able to embrace the millennial generation in society.


How to Embrace Millennial Generation Consumers via Instagram? 

Well according to the business website dot com, there are 5 ways we can apply to embrace millennial generation consumers and this way can be done through the Instagram app, colleagues. But first, we must know in advance why the millennial generation is so fond of and interested in this social platform.


Instagram is a social platform that is very often used by millennials. In fact, it can be said that the millennial generation is the generation that uses the most Instagram compared to other generations. The latest research results show that 60% of Instagram users are aged between 18 to 29 years. Well, this age range goes into the millennial age that we discussed earlier, right? Just imagine, 60% of Instagram users are millennials, meaning only 40% are from other generations. Instagram is a very exciting social platform. We can post photos, make comments, even give a sign of “love” as a gesture we like the post. Not only that, Instagram is also a social media that is easy to download and create.


In addition, the results of the study also showed that 42% of these users always visit their Instagram account every day, at least once a day. Wow, this indicates that Instagram can be a social platform that is quite effective in embracing many generations, especially the millennial generation. In other words, the results of this study also show that the millennial generation is a generation that prefers to interact on social media, rather than interacting directly in the real world.


That is why the 5 ways that we will discuss in this article will help fellow readers to reach out to consumers who are from the millennial generation via the Instagram app. Let’s just refer to the following explanation.


1. Understand that the Millennial Generation Has High Motivation and Passion.

If we want to embrace millennial consumers to join our business, then Instagram is the right social platform for us to use. However, we also need to know how are the characteristics of the millennial generation. Well, one of the main characteristics they have is that millennials are people who have very high motivation and enthusiasm. So, they can be said as people who are very passionate about their lives.


If we think that product advertisements posted on Instagram are sufficient efforts to attract millennial consumers, then we are in the wrong mindset. In fact, we need to put more effort into being able to attract the attention of millennial consumers. We must feel more excited to advertise our products to millennial consumers. If they have high spirits, our spirits must be more than theirs.


No matter what product we are promoting, whether it is a health product, makeup for beauty, gadgets, and so on. We really need passion and enthusiasm to prove that our products are the most suitable and most useful for them.


In other words, if as producers or sellers we do not feel confident with the brand of products that we offer, then millennial consumers will also not feel interested in our products. Don’t forget to narrow the target we have so that millennial consumers feel more interested in our products. Specific targets will make them feel that “Wow, this product is really cool! I don’t think there has ever been a product like this before.


For example, we have a goal to create a contemporary restaurant with a garden concept and design that the millennial likes. However, this concept has been widely applied by other business people. That’s why we need to pursing our target again. For example, providing a dessert (dessert) with a unique taste and the name of food that has never existed such as, “Chocolate cake children nowadays”. Then, don’t forget to post a picture of our restaurant food menu on our special Instagram profile, and include a unique and compelling caption. Guaranteed, there will be many millennials who are curious to try it.


2. Millennials Like to Watch Unique Promotional Videos, So Make Interesting Videos.

Images or photos that are very Instagramable and high-resolution are indeed very interesting for millennials, but a unique video will be far more interesting for millennial consumers.


Videos are the trend that is most sought after by Instagram users. In this case, we do not need to make a long duration promotional video, colleagues. Just make a promotional video with a duration of up to 1 minute, it will be a positive value that attracts millennial consumers. Although the duration is not long, we still need to try to give a deep impression in the first 7 seconds in the video. If we succeed in doing this, the millennials will survive until the video is finished.


Oh yes, keep in mind also to not be too lip service to the advertisements that we include in the video. Millennials are very fond of things that are transparent, not covered up and not full of nonsense. There are other alternatives that fellow readers can use besides making a 1-minute promotional video. We are sure that your fellow readers know what Instastory is, right? Instastory is a short video that we can show to our Instagram followers, but this video is only valid for the next 24 hours. More than that, the video will disappear automatically.


Well, we can use Instastory as our promotion platform on Instagram accounts. Eits! We can also add captions and funny stickers to the short video, and this will make our promotional videos more likeable by millennial consumers.


3. Creating Promotional Content Made by Consumers of Our Previous Products.

We need to know that the millennial generation will not easily believe in commercial advertisements. They assume that commercial advertising is only fake content that can not be trusted, unless people who have used the product also give positive testimonials to the products offered.


Therefore, if we want to embrace millennial consumers to try and love our products, then we need to create content that contains positive testimonials from previous consumers in the content that we are promoting to the millennial generation.


Another way we can do is hold a few small contests for Instagram users to try our products for a few weeks or a few days, and write down the benefits they feel along with photos or images that are proof of use, then post photos and captions into Instagram account.


For example, we sell body slimming products, then we invite Instagram users to use our slimming products for a period of time. Say they have to try our product for 2 weeks. After that, invite our product users to show off the results of these products on their bodies and post them on Instagram with the name tag of our business account. They can show full body photos by comparing photos before using our product. That way, they can give positive reviews to our products on Instagram. The good news, the millennial generation will feel 50% more confidence in products whose content is made by consumers themselves.


4. Make Our Promotion Topic Trending.

There is no denying that the millennial generation is a generation that is deeply in love with the trends that are booming among the people. So, it is our job to make our promotion or marketing topic a hot topic discussed by millennials on Instagram. However, we need to stay away from some sensitive topics that will cause disputes between individuals. Some of these topics are political and SARA (ethnicity, religion, race and intergroup).


5. Maximize Our Product Promotion through Online.

Marketing products through Instagram is one thing that is very effective for producers or business people. If we really want to embrace the millennial generation, then we need to maximize the promotion of our products through online, because the “place to live” of the millennial generation is indeed in cyberspace (online). So, don’t waste every opportunity we have to win millennial hearts and influence their decision to buy our products or services.


Yep! Those are 5 ways that we can apply in embracing millennial generation consumers through Instagram. Be a great businessman involving millennials via Instagram, rest assured that your fellow readers can do this all very well. Good luck, Career Advice colleagues.


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