Many people categorize “Human Resources” as one of the most important and influential departments in the company. In every company, we often hear the term HRD. HRD stands for Human Resource Department, where HRD is always touted as a support for a company’s success. So, what is meant by the Human Resources department? In a book entitled “The Human Resources Glossary”, William R. Tracey states his definition of human resources. According to Tracey, human resources are people who work as staff and are tasked with operating an organization. In other words, HRD staff are the people who are responsible for dealing with everything about the company and the employees in the company.


From this we can know that the hr officer’s task is not easy, there are so many things that they must complete every day. Even so, people who work in the human resource department are employees who must continue to improve their skills. Although their job is to focus on employees and the progress of the company. However, the process of improving the quality of work they still need to implement. Therefore, there is a need for human resource development that functions to provide development for the human resource staff themselves.


What makes the Human Resource Field Must Always Follow the Development of Time? 

Although the human resource staff are the people who operate the company and all those who work in the company, human resource employees must still be brave in changing themselves and keep abreast of the times. That is, if the digital era like now has dominated human life, then the human resource field must also follow the digital developments so that the work they do remains relevant to current developments.


In the field of human resources, we have seen many very significant changes in the world of work. One example is the increased use of artificial intelligence or artificial intelligence (AI) . Logically, if in 2019 we have seen a lot of work developments related to Human Resources, then what about the developments that will occur next year, which is 2020? Now in this article, we will discuss what are the trends that occur in the field of Human Resources in 2020.


According to the business website dot com, there are 4 top trends that must be applied by Human Resource staff in developing their skills or skills in this field of work. The goal is that they can continue to work well and keep up with the times. Let’s just see what trends need to be applied in 2020 through the following explanation:


1. In 2020, Big Data Trends will be Widen in the Human Resource Sector.

Even though in 2019 there are already many companies and human resources that have started using big data and artificial intelligence, but in the next year the company is predicted to use more than this year. Why does this need to be done? The reason is simple, because the internet and technology can provide us with new data and information that we might not have known before.


Through big data, staff in human resources will know how to shorten and simplify work processes and improve performance in processing employee and prospective employee data that will work in their company.


In addition, companies will also find it easier to obtain some new data and information that can be obtained through artificial intelligence or artificial intelligence (AI) such as, what is the attitude of the employees at work? How often do employees give feedback to other colleagues or ask feedback from their superiors? and so forth.


Big data makes it easy for human resources to understand and get to know their employees more deeply and certainly better. Sometimes, we can lie to others through words, but big data will complicate us from all these lies. Data will see how employees have perseverance in working by not opening YouTube or other social media that interferes with their work focus, how employees have high discipline to come to the office on time, how employees are very diligent in solving e-learning questions that need resolved within a certain time period, etc.


Even so, this is not just about having valid new data, but it’s about how human resources maximize their work by using big data to advance human resources in 2020.


2. In 2020, the Trend of Community Empowerment will Increase in the Human Resource Sector.

Community empowerment will be a very booming thing in 2020, because next year human life is predicted to be far more complex than this year. Next year, there will be more people who work remotely (remote), setting up a business from home, working on a freelance basis . In other words, the work is becoming more dynamic and not only focused on work activities in the office.


This human empowerment trend will help human resource staff to prioritize the interests of employees. In this case, human resources will change the role of each employee into a brilliant career for their future and the company’s future. How, human resources will add to the learning process that employees can have in training, implementing a constructive feedback culture, holding discussion forums to increase employee motivation, giving awards or awards more often to employees with superior performance.


Research shows that 69% of employees will be determined to work harder when their performance is recognized by their leaders and human resources. When employees feel valued, they will be more involved with office activities, more eager to implement what is the company’s culture and try to increase their productivity. In other words, Human Resources in 2020 must further develop trends that make employees more valued, more motivated and more empowered to lead to their success and the company in the future.


3. In 2020, the Development of Managers’ Performance Quality will Become the Latest Human Resource Trend.

Even though employee performance is getting better and better, it does not mean that the tasks of managers will be reduced or simply disappear. Human resources need not only focus on empowering the quality of employees, but also on empowering the quality of leaders.


According to research conducted by The Business Backer states that 93% of employees will feel satisfied with their work, when they believe in the performance given by their leader to the company. Now from the results of this study, we know that the quality of manager’s performance must always be developed so that employees will also feel more confident in giving their best performance. That way, the duties and responsibilities of Human Resources will also be easier.


There are several things that must be considered by Human Resources in every company when they want to apply this trend in 2020, as follows:

– Human Resources must find ways to support the training and development of their managers .

– Human Resources must develop a set of skills or skills that can make managers become better coaches.

– Human Resources must find ways to evaluate the ability of managers by involving teams and individuals.

– Human Resources must be able to develop stronger leadership skills in company leaders.

– Human Resources must support managers to be able to create clarity and harmony in their teams.

– Human Resources must hold one-by-one training with managers and discuss how to become a better leader.

– Human Resources encourages a culture of delivering good, honest and constructive feedback.


By applying this trend, human resources not only focus on employee development , but also focus on developing all existing employees, including leaders or managers.


4. Human Resources Must Pay Attention to Mental Health Trends of Employees in the Workplace.

The last trend that is predicted to be very booming in 2020 is the mental health of employees which is an important focus of attention for human resource staff in a company.


A survey report published by the British Government in 2017 shows that more than 50% of employees are laid off from their jobs due to mental health problems they experience. Try to imagine fellow readers, the number of employees who experience mental disorders is apparently higher than those who are expelled from work but have good mental health.


To help resolve this, Prince William launched a website called Mental Health at Work in 2018, which was specifically designed to increase public awareness in supporting people around them who might have mental health disorders.


Well, that is why paying attention to the mental health of employees in the workplace is one of the top trends that needs to be considered by human resource staff in any company they work. Therefore, human resources have a very important role to pay attention to this matter to the employees in the office. Maybe the way to prevent it can be to motivate each other, eliminate the culture of bullying in the office, increase tolerance and empathy, and so forth.


When we talk about a “trend”, maybe most people will refer to technology or digital. However, it turns out there are other things that are no less important than trends that only refer to technology alone, namely trends related to human resources that later this role will be carried out by Human Resource staff. Collaboration between humans and technology will always be the best thing. So, don’t just focus on technology, human empowerment is also still important to pay attention to. Congratulations on applying the 4 trends above and achieving human resource success in 2020, friends, Career Advice.


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