4 incredibly unexpected ways to say ‘I love you’ to him

When true love invades our hearts, it is impossible not to demonstrate and not to demonstrate. It is a feeling that overflows our being. Our eyes and our actions make it a point to express love voluntarily. There are many ways to demonstrate the best feeling in the world, one of which is speaking a simple, easy and small phrase: “I love you”. This phrase carries with it an enormous meaning. However, there are other ways of saying that we love you without saying “I love you”, and they are also phrases of enormous meaning! Let’s see:

  1. “Go carefully!”

When we say this phrase, we say that we want him to arrive at his destination safely, and that nothing bad happens on the way. We show that we want to have him at our side always, so we want him to be always safe, to drive carefully and prudently.

  1. “I was wrong, I’m sorry!”

When we are humble and apologize, we show that we care and feel sorry for having failed that person, and we don’t want them to feel hurt. Humility is totally connected with love. We are human beings and we make mistakes, often with no intention of making mistakes and hurting someone, but the important thing is that we be humble in recognizing our mistake, and in recognizing that we need forgiveness.

The opposite of humility is pride. Pride destroys who has it and who is close to the proud person. This feeling makes us think that we are good enough, that we know all things and that our choices are always right and better. What a pitiful thing! May we be humble, in this way we demonstrate immense love.

  1. “I’m missing you!”

By declaring that we miss him, we show that our desire is that he was not absent in our life, that we wanted to have him by our side in the happy moments to share the joys, and in the difficult moments to have support. It is as if we said “I want you by my side” or “don’t leave me like that”.

  1. “How was your day?”

With this question, it is easy to see that we care about him, that we want to know what he did, what he felt and what he learned, not to control, but because it is a way to feel part of his day even without having been there . We show that we want to know you better, to know about your dreams and your personality. We asked him about his day because we want to party with him when good things happened, and we want to help him with the difficulties he faced. Without a doubt this is love.

Certainly you usually say these phrases to your loved one and did not even realize that at the same time you say you love them. Your love is so strong that showing it has become natural. Long live love!


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