The 5 most powerful ways to attract the opposite sex according to science

Scholars explain the 5 most powerful ways to attract the opposite sex:

  1. Invest in the red

According to scholars at the University of Rochester , in the United States, red is the most powerful color at the time of conquest.

These researchers distributed photographs of women who were wearing various types of clothing in various colors. “They asked the men to imagine that they were meeting those women and that they would have a hundred dollars in their wallets. So they asked how much of that money they would spend on them. ”

The result was that women in red would be the biggest expenses, that is, they were willing to have more expensive meetings with them. Therefore, women, the best color is red when it comes to winning.

  1. High heels

High heels can even affect health, causing a deviation in the spine or even tire the legs, but when we women put them on, we become powerful and more attractive and this can be proved by science.

According to Hellen Fisher , an anthropologist at Rutgers University in the USA, when a woman wears heels it makes her powerful, and benefits her the most. The study compared this behavior to the so-called lordosis, a scientific expression that was used to name the posture of the “reared butt”, that same name was also used for other species of females.

  1. Red lipstick and thick lips

According to studies in the United Kingdom at the University of Manchester, 50 men were observed and analyzed while looking at images of different women.

The researchers realized that the region that received the most attention from these men was the lips. Another interesting observation was that the images of the women in red lipstick were the ones that held their attention the most, as they looked at their lips for about 7 seconds, unlike the pink lipstick in other women who held them for about 6.3 seconds. The thicker lips were also the most attractive.

  1. Sweating

Many men are uncomfortable because they sweat too much, especially in their armpits, but Israeli and American scholars have pointed out that when they smell male sweat, women feel the presence of a certain molecule that has the power to alter hormones. They can interfere with mood, causing some changes and can also cause arousal.

  1. Men with a capital H

Exactly! The researchers in Scotland, the University of Aberdeen, showed that men who have a deeper voice are more favorable for women. According to them, the thick tone of voice tends to estimate genetic qualities that point to a possible partner who will build a lasting relationship.

However, some countries like England and Sweden, according to the studies of these scientists, point out that men with a more feminine way and more delicate features are the favorites of these women. In Brazil, Brazilians with 55% of votes chose men with thick voices and very masculine attitudes.



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