Good Customer Experience with Gen Z

The term customer experience is often referred to as customer experience. Before you read this article further, let us refer to the understanding of customer experience according to experts. Based on the definitions revealed by Meyer and Schwager in a book entitled “Understanding Customer Experience”, customer experience or customer experience is the internal and subjective response that customers have to the interactions they have with a manufacturer or a company, and this interaction or contact can occur directly or indirectly.


In this case, one of the tasks of the customer experience is to have good interactions or contacts with customers, so they will feel happy and satisfied with the customer service we provide. Later, a good customer experience can help us in measuring customer satisfaction .


Customer satisfaction is very important in the business world, especially for entrepreneurs. For them, “customer satisfaction is our goal”. By prioritizing customers, we will achieve many of the benefits of customer satisfaction. One of them is to maintain our business relationships in the long run.


Nowadays, the number of generation Z in Indonesia is indeed increasing and this is an important task for business people, leaders and all those who are struggling in the business world to build a good customer experience or customer experience with Generation Z. Even after the Z genes there are already genes Alpha, but the Z gene is getting more attention because the numbers are increasing too. Gen Z are those born between 1995 and 2004, and this generation has become a consumer group that is one of the biggest demographic targets.


So, How Can You Improve the Good Customer Experience with Gen Z? 

According to the business website dot com, there are 3 ways that can be applied to improve a good customer experience for Gen Z. Through this article, fellow readers will get ideas to improve the customer experience with Gen Z better. Especially if your fellow readers are from a different generation from Gen Z, then this article is really necessary for all of us to pay close attention. Let’s just refer to the following explanation.


1. Be a Good Listener of Responses and Feedback from Gen Z Customers.

According to colleagues, about what makes a good customer experience possible? In this case, we must know that a good customer experience can be realized when producers willingly and sincerely become good listeners for their consumers.


Apart from paying attention to the gen Z consumers, producers also need to prepare wide ears to receive feedback from these generations. Gen Z is a generation that likes honesty and transparency, so they like to express their hearts honestly to others.


Not only that, Gen Z also has a desire that the feedback they submit can be implemented in the product or customer service they use. This statement is supported by the results of research that reveals that 76% of generation Z is very eager for producers to respond to the concerns, fears and feedback they provide, so that what they convey is not considered “wind”.


In fact, one study released by IBM in 2018 stated that generation Z had very intense interactions with the products and services they used. So, don’t be surprised if this Z gene looks very concerned by giving their honest feedback.


Then, what can producers do to get feedback from them? Actually there are many ways that can be done in this case, one of which is to make a survey that is distributed to the gen Z to see how satisfied they are with our products and services. It’s easy, we can post this survey on a website or social media and target gen Z consumers to fill it.


One of the main questions we need to ask is “What do you want to change about this product or service?” Through this question, generation Z will feel challenged to voice their conscience regarding these products or services. After getting feedback from the Z gene, we can start making more meaningful changes.


Well, it is these changes that we make that will later make Z-generation consumers feel as though their feedback has a very significant impact. As a result, the customer experience of the Z genes will increase.


2. Interact Intensively by Approaching Gen Z in Their “Online Home”.

We all know that Gen Z is a generation that cannot be far from the internet and technology. This makes them make social media as a mainstay social platform which is often also referred to as “online home”. When your fellow readers really miss your old friends, surely your fellow readers will try to visit their home, right?


Well, this is also what we need to do to improve the customer experience or a good customer experience with generation Z. We need to approach generation Z to their online homes where the place is often used as their hangout destination.


Then, what social media should we approach? Some of them are Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. In this case, we need to have the right strategy in determining which online homes we will visit to build a good customer experience with Gen Z.


After finding one or several “online homes” of our choice, now is the right time for us to create creative content such as videos, photos or writing that can make them more involved and feel satisfied with our products and services. Social media trends will indeed continue to evolve with the times, but this will not be difficult if we can understand which social platforms are right for us to enhance a good customer experience with gen Z.


Some of the interactions we can do on social media with Gen Z are providing surveys to get feedback , being responsive to every question asked by Gen Z consumers on social media, posting and sharing good and interesting content that can be enjoyed by them. Actually, it is not difficult to get to know things that Gen Z likes, most importantly as producers we must remain patient and persistent to improve customer experience or customer experience with Gen Z.


3. Create Friendly Product Designs with Smartphones.

Because this generation can’t stay away from their cellphones, make something related to our products and services that are friendly to their favorite items, cellphones or cellphones. For example, if a fellow reader has a product website, then make sure that the website is very easy to access from their mobile phone. So, they will be easier to interact with us, for example to convey feedback.


The second example, if fellow readers offer services such as online courses, then make sure that Gen Z can also access it from their smart phones, so this makes it easy for them to continue to learn wherever and whenever.


What about you colleagues, are your readers more confident to improve the customer experience with the Z genes? We hope this article will be useful for fellow readers in establishing strong connections with current and future gen Zs. Good luck, Career Advice colleagues.

by Abdullah Sam
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