Marketing Law in the Digital Age 

Talking about marketing law or marketing can not be equated from year to year. What’s more, we live in an era full of changes that come and go. Like it or not, we need to be a person who is ready and alert in the face of each of these changes. The digital age is an age of life that is filled with technological advancements that are always moving forward, so the people involved in it must be brave to learn and adapt to all the changes that exist. Marketing law is a set of basic rules that guide entrepreneurs or business people in marketing their products and services to consumers. Usually, the legal basis for marketing is also influenced by external factors. For example, technological development factors. In addition, marketing laws can also be called the basic rules of marketing that benefit many people.


What are the Changes in the Law of Marketing in the Digital Age?

Indirectly, the concept of product marketing also depends on applicable marketing laws. However, the concept of marketing can change depending on what technological developments are booming in the digital era today. In this article, we will discuss some of the changes that occur in marketing law in the current digital era, and we hope that this article will enlighten fellow Career Advice in implementing marketing plans for your products and services.


1. Technology Becomes Part of Everything We Do.

As stated in the understanding of the digital age, every change that occurs requires all people to be willing to learn and adapt to technology so that they do not become individuals who are left behind. Other meanings, technological developments in the digital age have become an important part of everything we do in life. Technology turns into everything or everything we need.


Try to imagine, how many organizations or companies are competing to allocate company budget only for technological development? The answer is probably almost all companies do it. Each company focuses on marketing their products or services using technology, which method has its own advantages to attract the attention of consumers more easily.


In addition, the way employees work also changes drastically, everything feels faster, lighter and easier. For example, staff who work as customer service can serve customer complaints quickly with the help of technology. No matter what industry we work in, almost everything from A to Z can be done with technology.


2. “Human Voice” Becomes a Popular Part in the Field of Marketing.

The second change that occurs in marketing law is something new and is becoming very popular in today’s digital era. What do you think? The answer is human voice. Since 2016, 20% of cellular searches or human reminders have been carried out using voice, colleagues.


The meaning is that from three years ago, human voice has become an important part in the field of marketing. Some examples of devices that rely on human voices include Google Home, Alexa, Apple Home, and so on. Many people flocked to buy a device that captures this human voice.


This development will continue to be followed by gadget manufacturers or other technology producers who have begun to turn to speech recognition and abandon traditional concepts. Hmm, interesting too huh ?!


3. Chatbots Become Artificial intelligence that is often used.

What is meant by “Chatbots”? Chatbots are programs from computers that have the advantage of communicating with users through automated messages sent from these computer devices. Artificial intelligence has helped a lot of entrepreneurs, business people and leaders to carry out their marketing tasks.


Chatbots become one of artificial intelligence (AI) that is often used and is becoming increasingly popular because it is easy to access and fast for users to accept. By using chatbots, we can save a budget for marketing and customer service. In addition, because the responses given by chatbots can be given 24 hours a day, chatbots can help us improve customer satisfaction. Just try it we see in today’s digital era, almost all websites have chat -ots pop-ups that are ready to serve customers.


4. Personalization Becomes One of the Obligations in the Field of Marketing. 

Personalization is still a force that can help us retain customers and make them continue to feel connected to our products and services. Many advanced companies have successfully implemented personalization to help their businesses stay on top. One of them is a company in the world famous music industry, this industry is doing marketing by providing a personalized song list specifically for each of its customers. By using the premium package they offer, customers are free to choose what songs they will add to their daily song list.


In fact, every company that personalizes its marketing activities can produce 5-8 times the Return on Investment (ROI), colleagues. That is, personalization can make us more profitable, profitable and profitable. In essence, personalization helps marketing to increase sales by up to 10%.


5. Changes from Quantitative Data Leading to Quantitative Marketing.

In the past, the marketing sector only clung to the quantitative data they had on customers. However, the digital age has changed quantitative data leading to the development of quantitative marketing. We will no longer feel overwhelmed to manage so much data, because now we are familiar with the term Big Data. With the presence of Big Data and Data Visualization, this is a sign that we are getting closer to the digital era that is in today’s life.


6. Marketing Flocked to Focus on Cyber ​​Security.

Cyber ​​security, especially social media protection, is a matter of great concern to the marketing sector to maintain sales of their products and services. They flock to prevent and avoid data leakage of customers, because customers will only trust in the industry that can maintain the security of their privacy data.


7. The Field of Marketing Needs Influencer Marketing to Attract Customers’ Attention.

The digital age has also made a change in the marketing field to focus on the performance of influencers who will help them market their products or services to customers. In the digital age, the role of social media has the importance that is very important to help companies in showing the positive values ​​of their business, so consumers will be more easily attracted to their products and services.


Using a social media platform alone will not be enough, we need the help of influencer marketing so that our business is more alive and growing through the persuasive words they provide. Even more so if our target customers are millennials. This generation has a high relationship in every product or service that is promoted by influencers. So, consider these changes to marketing law, colleagues.


8. LinkedIn Business Profile We can Become a B2B (Business to Business) Marketing Tool.

Today, the field of marketing does not need to bother looking for gaps to be able to interact directly with professionals and well-known companies. Those who work in marketing just need to “turn on” their LinkedIn business profile to be looked at by professionals. By having a LinkedIn business profile, we will have the convenience to apply marketing from business to business or B2B.


9. The Field of Marketing Becomes More Customer Oriented.

The development of technology in the digital age has changed the marketing law to be more focused and attentive to customers. Nowadays, all marketing fields have become more customer oriented, and this has become easier to implement. Why? Because those who work in the field of marketing (marketing) will be easier to understand a variety of customer preferences and behavior through artificial intelligence or artificial intelligence (AI) .


10. Customers Have Greater Hope in the Field of Marketing.

“Technology has positioned the customer in the foremost driver’s seat.” This shows that customers are increasingly becoming priority people in every business and marketing field, which is a positive thing. Customers have great expectations in the field of marketing. In fact, the results of the study show that 72% of customers expect that each company can understand the unique needs and expectations they have. So, our challenge now is “How do you make the marketing field understand more deeply and understand customers more deeply, rarely making them disappointed?” Now, this is our biggest task now!


Those are the 10 Marketing Laws that have changed since the development of technology has increasingly penetrated our lives, especially in today’s digital era. Technology becomes a very profitable change for us, if we know how to adapt and control it well. Keep your spirits up, Career Advice colleagues.

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