In the business world, surely we often hear the word “product promotion”. Approximately what is meant by product promotion. Product promotion is a communication activity carried out by a person, team or group within a company by interacting with target customers, whose purpose is to introduce the products or services offered. In product promotion techniques, we not only try to introduce products and services, but also influence them to want to buy and use the products and services that we offer.


Promoting products can be a variety of ways. There are ways to promote products verbally, how to promote products online , and even ways to promote products directly. So, media product promotion can be done online and offline. Because we can promote products through online, many of the producers have started to implement their product promotion strategies through Instagram , Facebook, Twitter and so on. But, there is one social media platform that is no less great, even in that platform there are many consumers from various backgrounds in the professional field. Is the name of the social media platformthe? Yep! LinkedIn LinkedIn is one of the business-oriented social platforms and is widely used by professionals around the world. How do you create an account and how to use LinkedIn? Like other social media accounts, we only need to click on LinkedIn sign up to register and LinkedIn sign in to enter the account that we have created. After creating an account, we are ready to fill our LinkedIn profile with our various achievements, achievements and previous work experience .


What Needs to Do to Promote Products through LinkedIn?

Interestingly, this LinkedIn account is not only useful for expanding our network, colleagues. However, LinkedIn can also help us to promote products to consumers, so that our products or services will be more easily recognized by them. According to the business website dot com, there are 4 ways we need to apply when we want to promote products through LinkedIn. Want to know? Let us consider the following explanation.


1. Maximize Your Business LinkedIn Profile Display.

In every social media platform, a profile is the most important space to pay attention to. Through profiles, LinkedIn followers or visitors will understand our business orientation. They will also be more familiar with the products we offer. So, we need to optimize every part that is contained in the LinkedIn profile of our business.


In addition, we also need to be an account admin who is always active on LinkedIn, because this way followers and visitors will know that our business LinkedIn account is an active account. In other words, this is not a fake or dummy account. By showing your activity on your LinkedIn account, this will also encourage other users to connect with our business LinkedIn.


There are several elements that we need to pay attention to and optimize from our business LinkedIn profile, which are as follows:

– Profile Photos: Make sure we choose a clear , close and professional profile photo . Fellow readers can attach a profile photo with your face, because visitors must know who the seller of the product is.

– Title or title: This can be the name of the position, role or position that fellow readers have now. For example, “founder of delicious banana chips”. Include a title that matches the name of our business so that visitors more easily recognize our products.

– URL: Don’t forget this part, colleagues. We need to adjust the LinkedIn URL, so it’s easy to link it back and other people will find it easier to find our LinkedIn Business profile too.

– Profile summary: Try to explain clearly and in detail about the main activities what we are doing now and what positive values ​​we want to carry in the promotion of our products. Also find out what problems our target customers want to solve. So, we can include it in the profile summary. The goal is to make it easier for us to promote our products to LinkedIn users.

– Work experience: Oh yes, don’t forget to include this section, because our potential customers on LinkedIn must know the background of our previous work. Have we been struggling in the business for a long time or what?


All of the points above need to be included and filled in properly so that the followers and visitors of our business LinkedIn profile feel secure with the detailed information that we provide. Promoting products will be a difficult thing to do, if we don’t get the trust of LinkedIn users or target customers.


2. Choosing the Right Networking for Your Business Products.

If we really want to promote our products to become a product brand that is better known to the public, then we must be very careful in selecting networks that will interact with our business professionally on LinkedIn. It is intended that our products have a higher chance of being recognized by LinkedIn users from the same industry.


Through this method, we show LinkedIn users that we are promoting products and building our product brand together with other professional companies that are relevant to our company. So, don’t be afraid or awkward to send friend requests to other professional users on your LinkedIn, especially those who are promoting their products in the same field as their fellow readers.


3. Post Interesting Content Related to Your Product on LinkedIn.

Amazingly, LinkedIn provides a platform for its users to write and post interesting content related to various things in the business and work world. If other users post blogs about leadership skills, time management, good habits, etc., fellow readers can write and post blog content related to your product.


Yep! This is one way to promote products that are fairly easy. The only thing we need to do is think creatively in writing product content and be ready to post it, so other LinkedIn users can read it. Recent research also shows that 72% of marketing teams say that content posted on LinkedIn accounts has helped them to increase customer engagement with the products they offer. In addition, this method is also considered as a way to promote products that are cost effective and have proven to make their products more well-known.


4. Create a Special Web Page about Your Company and Products.

Another way we can do when promoting products on LinkedIn is to create a special web page that contains everything about our product and company. This platform makes it easy for LinkedIn visitors and our prospective customers to find detailed information about what our business is doing and how our products can solve the problems that customers have.


In addition, by creating special pages for products and companies, LinkedIn has helped us to drive visitor traffic to our business website, especially when customers or visitors are looking for keywords relevant to the products we offer. That way, our job to promote products will run easier.


Yep! Those are 4 ways we can do in promoting products through LinkedIn accounts. With these four ways, we don’t just do promotions on LinkedIn. However, we can also interact directly with professionals who are spread widely on these social platforms.

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