3 symptoms of emotional distance in the relationship

Don’t wait for your relationship to cool down, don’t wait for lack of engagement – communicate with your partner.

One of the clear signs of crisis within the couple relationship is undoubtedly the emotional distance . As we know, couple relationships need intimacy, sharing, presence, appreciation, communication, trust, admiration and respect. In other words, relationships need constant attention . The target? Making plans together and building a shared future.

So far we have referred to what is ideal. But is reality always that easy? Unfortunately not. Come into play fears, insecurities, past disappointments, difficult communication, too high expectations, misunderstandings … All these elements, if neglected, can generate a certain emotional distance between the couple.

But fear not: recognizing the symptoms in time can benefit the relationship, helping to build a solid and strong relationship in the face of possible problems.

Emotional distance: what is it all about?

Emotional distance is created when a bond has been broken or is about to break. Its power is such that it can make two people who loved each other strangers . Emotional distance implies lack of connection, therefore it means feeling disconnected from the other and feeling it as totally alien. It usually occurs when a relationship can no longer meet our emotional needs.

When the distance is too wide, it becomes difficult to resolve conflicts and it becomes difficult to bridge the gap created precisely because there is no longer any point of contact with the other. When communication gives way to silence and indifference, even conflicts lose their meaning since it feels like there is nothing left to resolve and recover.

It becomes essential, then, to be able to recognize the first signs: for this reason we illustrate, below, 3 symptoms of emotional distance in the couple relationship .

3 symptoms of emotional distance

Lack of communication

Communication should never be lacking in a healthy couple relationship. If unresolved problems accumulate, however small they are, the risk is that you end up not showing your emotions and isolating yourself . And silence, at times, can be a symptom of boredom and lack of interest in being together.

To resolve conflicts, it is essential to speak, communicate, assertively express how we feel and what we want. It is also fundamental to be able to listen to the other person and be able to put ourselves in his place, and therefore listen to his needs.

Remember: assertive communication is the best ally to avoid creating emotional distance!


As a consequence of the lack of communication and isolation, manipulation is often present. We refer here to that type of manipulation made up of spite, blackmail, victimhood and all those attitudes that contribute to making a relationship toxic.

If you don’t communicate, you can fall into the trap of manipulation.

And here we feel confused, annoyed, disoriented: without resources to deal with this problematic aspect of our relationship. And that’s where emotional distance can creep in. And that’s how it could grow more and more.

Absence of intimacy and sexual closeness

The lack of sexual intimacy and closeness is a fairly common problem, that sometimes can occur almost immediately, but most often presents itself later on in time. When it arrives, it tells us that something is not right .

When intimacy is lacking because it is being neglected, communication, trust, desire and desire to share could also deteriorate. And it is at this point that it is essential to ask ourselves a question: what is behind that is not working between us?

Intimacy is fundamental, and this term does not refer only to the sexual sphere. Instead, it also implies other fundamental aspects such as trust, complicity, awareness of the other’s needs.

For many couples, sexual contact is also essential . And in the absence of intimacy, even the latter could suffer. Passion may diminish, and this too is a symptom of emotional distance.

Don’t wait for your relationship to cool down, don’t wait for lack of engagement – communicate with your partner. To avoid creating an “incurable” emotional distance, we must communicate, communicate, communicate! And, if you think it’s necessary, consult a professional who specializes in couples therapy who will help you solve your problems.


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