How To Keep The Spark Alive In A Long-Distance Relationship?

Long-distance relationships can be hard for both partners, be it physically, emotionally, or mentally. Not seeing your partner often can create a rut in the relationship. Thankfully, there are many different ways to keep the spark alive in a long-distance relationship.

All those people who are in a long-distance relationship know that it comes with its own set of difficulties. While most couples have the privilege of seeing each other every day, couples in an LDR have to make their relationship work from miles apart. 

Whether you and your partner are in different cities, states, countries, or continents, long-distance relationships require love, care, attention, and creativity. This means texting is your new best friend, and you need to go beyond the cliched ‘hey’ or the usual text conversation starters to keep those sparks flying. 

We have rounded up some of the best tips to keep your long-distance relationship romantic and thriving. Check them out below!

10 Ways To Keep The Spark Alive In A Long-Distance Relationship

Long-distance relationships can seem challenging and scary. The thought of being miles apart from your partner can bring up lots of fear and anxiety. However, just like any relationship, long-distance relationships require conscious effort and hard work. Just because your partner is not physically there, it does not mean you cannot do some fun and romantic activities with them. Take a look at some of the simple tips you can follow to keep the fire burning in your relationship!

  • Schedule Regular Video Calls

Communication is key to making this type of relationship work. Schedule regular video calls to de-stress and talk about your respective days. Looking at your partner’s face and hearing their voice can melt all the stress away. If you want to take things one step further, you can plan virtual date nights to keep the romance blooming. 

  • Send A Thoughtful Care Package

You don’t need a special occasion to send your partner a care package. Sending a care package of their favorite snacks, photos together, and funky gifts lets them know that you are thinking about them on any given day. If you and your partner do not see each other for months at a time, you can make this a regular part of your relationship.

  • Plan A Trip Together

Instead of visiting each other at home, plan a trip to a new place. Coordinate your time off from work and pick a place that both of you have wanted to visit for a while now. Visiting a new place will help you rekindle the bond between you two and give you the opportunity to create new memories together. 

  • Create A Playlist

Music is a beautiful way of expressing your emotions and what you feel for the love of your life. Create a Spotify playlist or an old-fashioned mixtape of your partner’s favorite songs and songs you want them to listen to. Go the extra mile and serenade them with a song that is symbolic of your relationship.

  • Send Love Letters & Gifts

In today’s day and age, emails, texts, and social media are the most popular modes of communication. However, there is something special about sending a handwritten letter to your partner. Give that email a skip and write a good old-fashioned love letter that will make them smile and blush. Send surprising and romantic gifts to boost your partner’s mood. They may even save it and show it to your children and grandchildren years and years later!

  • Learn Something New Together

What better way to develop a deeper bond with your partner than to learn something new together? Be it a foreign language, musical instrument, or baking – you can attend online classes for them all! After each class, get on a call and discuss what you learned. This way, both of you can bond, learn, and grow together!

  • Spend Time With Your Partner’s Family And Friends

If your partner’s friends and family happen to be in the same city as you, pay them a visit. Go out for a meal or simply drop by their home. Your partner will feel happy knowing that the most important people in their life are just as important to you. 

  • Create A Photo Album Together

Not seeing your partner is hard enough. There may even be times when both of you are too busy with work to even talk to each other on the phone. So, take pictures of your lives and upload them in a digital album with special notes for your partner to see. This way, they can get a sneak peek into what is happening in your life and stay connected. 

  • Play Online Games

Making a long-distance relationship work does not have to be serious all the time! Download some fun apps and play games together. Be it Stardew Valley, FIFA, or Ludo – playing online games together can keep the spark between you two burning bright. As the saying goes, a couple that plays together slays together!

  • Do Your Own Thing And Support Your Partner

Spending time together is important for every couple to thrive and grow. However, not taking time out for yourself can cause more harm than good. Take time out for yourself every day and do the things you want to do. Let your partner do their thing as well. By focusing on your own goals and hobbies, both partners can grow and also appreciate the time they spend together.

Nobody said it was easy, but that does not mean it has to be hard. Setting expectations from the get-go and openly communicating with each other can go a long way in keeping a long-distance relationship thriving. With the simple and fun tips above, keep the sparks flying and the fire burning between you and your partner!


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