20 questions that Reveal your true self

Yes, of course it is the answers to the questions that will find yourself. You can pick up these questions and answer a little now and then when you feel lost and insecure about yourself and where you are going in life. The questions are timeless, but the answers will of course change over the years as you change as a person and as an individual.

1. What worries you the most?
2. What are your goals in the short and long term?
3. What are your main strengths?
4. What are you most proud of having accomplished?
5. What is the biggest mistake of your life?
6. What are you most ashamed of?
7. Where do you feel most secure?
8. Who or what makes you feel safe and calm?
9. What is your biggest passion in life?
10. What would you do if you were not afraid of the consequences?
11. What is your best memory?
12. What do you like best and worst about your job?
13. What do you prefer to do when you are depressed and sad?
14. What makes you feel stressed and what do you do then?
15. What do you value most in life?
16. What does your inner voice most often complain about about yourself?
17. What is your highest wish?
18. What do you prefer to do in your spare time?
19. What are you most grateful for in life?
20.Who or what means the most to you?

by Abdullah Sam
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