Castlevania Advance Collection: Guide to Seeing True Endings

Did you know that in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night there is an upside down castle and a second ending? Today this is popular knowledge, but before it was a rumor that ran in school classrooms. Like this, there are many Castlevania games with a hidden ‘true ending’, such as Dracula X, Harmony of Dissonance, and Aria of Sorrow .

Now, thanks to the release of the Castlevania Advance Collection for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC , these games are more accessible than ever.

We want you to experience all that these titles have to offer. That is why we offer you a guide to discover the true ending of Castlevania: Dracula X, Circle of the Moon , Harmony of Dissonance and Aria of Sorrow in Castlevania Advance Collection .

How to see the true ending of Castlevania: Dracula X

The ending depends on the characters they rescue:

  • Bad Ending: Defeat Dracula without rescuing Annette or Maria.
  • Regular Ending – Rescue Maria and defeat Dracula.
  • Good ending: rescue Maria, Annette and defeat Dracula.

How to rescue Maria in Dracula X ?

Maria is at level 4 of the game. To rescue her they need a key that they find on level 3. They must cross the area of ​​pillars that they see in the photo without falling, otherwise they will reach an alternate area that will prevent them from rescuing the girls.

At the end of the next area you will find the key, which will replace the weapon we carry. You must not lose it!

With the key in their possession, they will be able to open the closed door that is to the right in the area of ​​the photo. There is Maria.

How to rescue Annette in Dracula X ?

Later, on the same level, you will come to an area with two possible paths. To rescue Annette they have to use the key on the door to the right. If they continue to the left they will get the regular ending.

When you reach the area of ​​the photo, at level 5 ‘, you must break the wall on the left to open a new path down, where Annette is.

They can now continue to defeat the last boss and see the true end of Dracula X . This guide is for the SNES version of Dracula X , which is the one included in the Castlevania Advance Collection .

Does Castlevania: Circle of the Moon have a true ending?

This is the only game in the Castlevania Advance Collection that does not have multiple endings. Its only end is the true one. To see it, they just have to defeat Dracula.

Although it does not have a secret ending, Castlevania: Circle of the Moon does have an optional area: the Arena.

They can find this area during a normal game, but they probably don’t have the necessary level to survive there. Better to save it for just before the final boss.

If you survive all 17 rooms in this area, in which you cannot use MP, you will get the best armor in the game: Shining Armor . It’s not as interesting as a possible true ending to Circle of the Moon , but it’s worth it.

How to see the true ending of Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance

Like Symphony of The Night, Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance has two castles, named Castle A and Castle B. The ending depends on the castle in which they face the final boss, the relics of Dracula’s body they have gathered and if they have two equipped special objects.

  • Bad Ending: Defeat Maxim at Castle A.
  • Regular Ending – Defeat Maxim at Castle B with all of Dracula’s Relics.
  • Good Ending: Defeat Maxim in Castle B with all Dracula Relics and equipped with ‘MK’s Bracelet’ and ‘JB Bracelet’. Then defeat Dracula’s Wraith.

Where are the Dracula Relics in Harmony of Dissonance ?

  • Eye of Vlad:Castle A – Chapel of Dissonance, in a room with a rather distinctive shape. Requires the high jump of the Griffin’s Wing.
  • Heart of Vlad:Castle B – Sky Walkway, in a secret room at the save point under the boss area. It is reached by breaking the wall to the right.
  • Rib of Vlad:Castle B – Entrance to the left of the map, requires the high jump of Griffin’s Wing and Crush Boots to break the ceiling.
  • Nail of Vlad:Castle A – Aqueduct of Dragons, in the corridor of the lower part of the castle. You have to use the secret passage.
  • Fang of Vlad:Castle A – Clock Tower, on the left in the room with the giant stone, you have to slide to find it.
  • Vlad’s Ring:Castle A – Marble Corridor, in the upper left corner of the castle.

You can find the relics marked with a cross on this map .

How to get the JB’s Bracelet in Harmony of Dissonance ?

They start the game with this object. They just have to remember to equip it alongside MK’s Bracelet during the battle with Maxim at Castle B.

How to get the MK’s Bracelet in Harmony of Dissonance ?

After fighting Shadow on Castle B’s Sky Walkway, they must return to Castle A and visit the same room where they defeated that boss. There they will find Maxim, who will give them this item.

How to see the true ending of Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow

In this game there is only one castle. Seeing the true ending is up to the souls they have equipped when they defeat Graham. If they have the correct ones, they will open the energy barrier in ‘Floating Garden’ that allows access to the true final boss: Chaos.

They will know who these souls are thanks to “clues” they find in the Ancient Books.

  • Normal Ending:Defeat Graham without equipping the required souls.
  • Bad Ending –Defeat Graham with the following equipped souls: Giant Bat, Flame Demon, and Succubus. Then let Chaos defeat you.
  • Good Ending:Defeat Graham with the following equipped Souls: Giant Bat, Flame Demon, and Succubus. Then defeat Chaos.

You don’t need to find any of the Ancient Books to get one of the special endings, just equip the soul they refer to. Anyway we will mention where to find them and what is the clue they give.

Ancient Book 1: how to find Flame Demon’s soul

This book, which they find in ‘Study’ when sliding under an obstacle, says:

“The first spirit is a demon from hellfire.”

He’s talking about the Flame Demons. You can find these enemies in ‘Underground Cemetery’ and ‘Forbidden Area’. They just have to defeat one after another until they give them their ‘Hellfire’ soul.

Ancient Book 2: How to Find Giant Bat’s Soul

The book that you can locate in ‘Inner Quarters’ using the soul of Galamoth says:

“The second spirit is the king of bats.”

They will obtain the ‘Bat Form’ soul, from Giant Bat , by defeating the boss Balore in ‘The Arena’. Killing him is mandatory to advance in the game, so you don’t have to lose.

Ancient Book 3: how to find the soul of Succubus

The last old book is in ‘Underground Reservoir’. They must fly using Giant Bat’s soul to reach it. Says the following:

“The third spirit is a beautiful nightmare.”

This clue refers to Succubus , an enemy that you can find in ‘The Arena’ and ‘Top Floor’. Do not confuse them with the enemy Lilith, who is similar. You will recognize them by their white hair.

They have to defeat them over and over again until they give them the ‘Death Touch’ soul. Now, with these three souls equipped, they can go to defeat Graham and gain access to the Chaotic Realm, where they will find the true ending of Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow .

If you do not recognize the areas of the game by their names, here you will find a map with all of them .

Don’t think that seeing the true ending of Castlevania: Dracula X, Circle of the Moon, Harmony of Dissonance, and Aria of Sorrow means you’re done with these games. They all have a wealth of secrets and details that are worth discovering.

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