How to keep seeing self-destructing images on WhatsApp

Released last week, and the effectiveness of the long-awaited self-destructing images of WhatsApp has already been mocked, there is already a simple method to be able to see these photos over and over again without them disappearing . If they have sent you a photo that can only be seen once and you would like to see it several times, you can always take a screenshot of it (since the application itself has advanced since it will not offer any type of protection against this action), but the someone else would still know that you’ve opened it at least once.

So, with this simple trick you will be able to see these images as many times as you want without even making them disappear from the chat, or even showing them as open .

How to see the self-destructing images of WhatsApp more than once

To perform this little trick, we will need to make simultaneous use of the mobile application and WhatsApp Web.

  • The first thing is to open the conversation in question at the same time in both applications.
  • Once here, we must make sure that the chat of the web version is updated, with the self-destructing images appearing in it.
  • Still without opening any image, we will now switchto the phone, activating airplane mode or deactivating both WiFi and data connections while roaming with the application still open.
  • After this, returning once more to the computer, we will be able to open these self-destructing images and close them at will, without any of them being lost or being registered as a view.
  • Finally, we will not only have to close these images, but the entire web application.
  • After completing this last step, we will be able to reactivate the connectivity of our phone and continue using the application as normal.

As the only downside, point out that this method will not be functional if we use the new multi-device mode , since in this case WhatsApp Web messages are not synchronized with the mobile, but directly from the WhatsApp servers.

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