12 Relationship between Social Psychology and Other Sciences

Social psychology is a branch of psychology that studies the relationship between humans and groups or the environment that surrounds them.

Usually people who are experts in the field of social psychology are psychologists or sociologists, because they have very close relationships in social psychology.

But is social psychology really only related to sociology? Are there other sciences that have a relationship with social psychology? To find out the answer, continue to listen to this article, yes!

Humans are indeed created as social creatures. Every day in carrying out human activities, it is inseparable from socialization or interaction, either with other people, other groups, or other environmental components.

From this we can know that it means that social psychology is always involved in human life. That is, this science must have a relationship with many other sciences which are also widely used in everyday life. What are some of them? The following will discuss 12 relationships of social psychology with other sciences:

  1. Relationship between social psychology and sociology

It was mentioned at a glance above that the experts in the field of social psychology are usually psychologists or sociologists.

This means that there is a very close relationship between these two sciences. Sociology itself is a field of science that deals with the behavior of relationships between individuals and other individuals, between individuals and groups, or between groups and other groups in their social behavior. Sociology focuses more attention on social behavior, while psychology makes the subject of the perpetrator as its concern. However, these two sciences are complementary to each other.

  1. Relationship between social psychology and anthropology

The sciences that can influence social psychology are sociology and anthropology (Bonner, 1953). Anthropology is the study of social behavior in a specific cultural superstructure. Instead of focusing on the behavior, anthropology focuses more on the culture.

Meanwhile, individual behavior in that culture can be explained by psychology which understands that individual behavior cannot be separated from the culture or social stimuli around him. (Also read:  The Application of Psychological Anthropology in Real Life )

  1. The relationship between social psychology and political science

Politics often connotes bad science and many don’t like it. In fact, political science is never separated from our daily lives. Gathering, voicing opinions, and many other activities without our knowing it are forms of political activity.

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In politics we cannot avoid interactions with other people. Furthermore, often in political activities we expect to be able to get approval from the interlocutor or support in any form.

In this case, social psychology plays a very important role because it can help us understand how the attitudes and expectations of the interlocutor can produce certain behaviors. by understanding this, we can determine how our attitude should be and how the communication style is appropriate to get the expected goals.

  1. The relationship between social psychology and communication science

There are a lot of sciences involved in the science of communication, including social psychology. The relationship between social psychology and communication science in this case is to provide direction on how to communicate properly by considering various psychological factors that exist.

By understanding social psychology in communication science, it is hoped that we can be more flexible and can control ongoing communication. (Also read:  Communication Styles in Psychology )

  1. Relationship between social psychology and natural sciences

The natural sciences had a profound influence on psychological research in the early 19th century. Psychology is created by compiling the results of the experiments conducted, in which many experiments are carried out under the direction of natural science.

The thing that distinguishes between these two sciences is the object of research that is owned by these two sciences, where the object of psychological research is humans with their behavior that are always dynamic and developing, while natural sciences have a fixed object of research.

  1. The relationship between social psychology and philosophy

Perhaps there are still many of us who do not understand what philosophy studies and what psychology has to do with philosophy .

Philosophy is a science that is the result of the human mind which is always looking and thinking to find the truth as deep as possible.

Philosophy will begin its ‘investigation’ of what is experienced by humans. In order to draw conclusions from investigation, philosophy requires psychology so that the results obtained can be closer to the truth. (Also read:  Contribution of Philosophy in Psychology )

  1. The relationship between social psychology and education

Every human being definitely needs education. Education will provide knowledge to humans in living their lives from birth to death.

To be able to provide a good education, social psychology is needed so that education can be right on target and absorbed as effectively as possible. (Also read:  Psychodiagnostic Applications in the Field of Education )

  1. The relationship between social psychology and biology

Biology is the study of the life of all living things, including humans. Similar to psychology, biology also makes humans its focus object. Although these two sciences look at humans from different points of view, they can meet at several points of discussion.

For example, in biology it is discussed about the human psyche or heredity. If biology discusses this heredity in terms of the inheritance of human physical traits to offspring, social psychology discusses heredity of passing on intelligence, talents, interests and so on, regardless of the influence of the environment in which humans are born and raised.

  1. Relationship between social psychology and international relations

In social psychology, it is studied about the interactions that occur between groups. In this case, the interaction between countries can also be discussed in social psychology. Thus, social psychology has a close relationship with the science of international relations in order to better understand how the interaction occurs between two or more countries.

  1. The relationship between social psychology and leadership science

A little related to the discussion above, where social psychology also studies the interactions that occur between groups, social psychology also discusses the science of leadership.

If we talk about groups, it will not be separated from those related to leadership. In a group there is definitely one leader who will provide direction, motivation, role models and other roles to be able to bring the group to its shared goals.

  1. Relationship between social psychology and health sciences

Talking about health is not only about physical health. In fact, often diseases that attack physical health are also influenced by mental health. This is what social psychology also discusses, because even human mental health will not be free from the influence of the surrounding environment. (Also read:  Causes of Mental Health Problems From Socio-Cultural Factors )

  1. The relationship between social psychology and other psychological sciences

Apart from having links with other sciences, social psychology also has links with other psychology sciences. For example, with developmental psychology, clinical psychology, and educational psychology. This is again due to humans who are never separated from social life so that the social environment must have an influence on these humans.


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