11 Types of Soul Group Activity Therapy

In psychology, we learn to be able to understand other people, about what other people feel, but before what needs to be done is to understand ourselves, after really understanding ourselves, then later we can understand much more about what. felt by others. group activity therapy itself, there is a modality that can be done to solve client problems that often occur.

The essence of humans in a psychological perspective always has a healthy soul and is able to overcome their emotional self, in this case there is a phase of interaction that can be done together.

Among the types of group activities, there are things that we need to pay close attention to, and of course there must be a one-sided discussion, such as what was stated by a therapist (Yosep, 2009) whereas according to Kalrina and Purwaningsi (2009) this therapy is an approach that must be reintroduced in real situations (reality) and according to Keliat and Akemat (2005) who say that group activity therapy is an effort that must be carved into a real situation to clients, namely ourselves, other people, the environment or place and also time.

  1. Socialization group activity therapy

This type of therapy can usually be done for clients who are already in the stage of interacting in a small group.

As we all know, at first everyone is. Sometimes it is difficult to interact with their environment, but after doing some types of therapy, little by little it can be restored and become to a better stage. This current therapy is closely related to the existence of social psychology in people’s lives.

  1. Stimulation group activity therapy

In a theory of motivation, it is taught how a person can go through a phase in the thinking process and to be able to reduce maladaptive behavior.

Patients in this case are carried out various types of therapy with a disturbance that is usually associated with a norm in their environment, at this stage the patient usually always withdraws from reality and there is a negative idea, but on a physical condition such as appearing to be able to communicate well .

  1. Sensory group activity therapy

For this one therapy is usually done to someone who has a decline in the function of the enzyme, so that stimulation can be made or can also provide a sensory stimulus that is associated with the interaction relationship with himself and also about his environment.

The purpose of this therapy is actually so that patients can increase their sensory abilities and can increase their focus so that they can focus their attention more.

  1. Reality-oriented group activity therapy

In this stage a group can be oriented to the reality stage, however, there is usually an error in the orientation of time and place, but this one therapy can also be characterized by reality orientation such as hallucinations for example.

The purpose of doing this therapy is to be able to identify an internal stimulus that is in the somatic sensation, as well as the patient who distinguishes between reality and the daydream he feels.

  1. Energy channeling group activity therapy

This therapy puts forward the distribution of energy to be able to spread positive energy evenly and constructively, so that the intellect can release all feelings of anger, inner feelings or various things that can usually harm themselves and their environment. Its own purpose is for the patient to channel destructive to constructive energy.

  1. Cohesive group activity therapy

For this one therapy, each member of the group is given the freedom to express what they feel and what they want to say, because in this stage, the patient will understand and understand himself, so that he will be much more open to his environment.

So that it will further facilitate the healing phase that is in the patient. So that in this case it can be related to the psychological theory of personality that often occurs in patients.

  1. Sound stimulation group activity therapy

For this one therapy is done by giving sound therapy to patients who have mental disorders, in this theory it will also make the patient more aware and also help him not to be afraid of the sounds that are often heard in his mind. This type of therapy has also been used for a long time and has been able to help patients in healing.

  1. Group activity therapy through pictures

Sometimes not everyone can express themselves through their expressions and way of speaking, there are also some people who can only express themselves through visualizing images, so this type of therapy is also considered effective enough to help patients feel more comfortable with themselves and can provide fast healing.

  1. Sound and image activity therapy

In this particular therapy, the method itself is to combine the two visualizations, namely between image therapy and sound therapy, so that through this type of therapy, it can provide a more useful result.

Patients will usually understand and understand more about this type of therapy, because it is considered that it can work better than other types of therapy.

  1. Interest group activity therapy

For this current therapy, patients are gathered in one place or social environment in which there is a common interest and talent, so that the patient can channel the interests he has, and for this one therapy it is also able to provide much better comfort to the patient. in this case it can also be related to environmental psychology in several groups with the same interest, so that they are connected in one connection later.

  1. Counseling group activity therapy

This stage of counseling psychology therapy  is usually carried out when some of the types of therapy that have been mentioned above cannot work and work properly, so counseling is carried out to make the patient more able to open himself up to the therapist who is treating him, although in this case it does not always work. but can provide a good chance for the patient not to close himself again.


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