How To Synchronize friends from other social networks on TikTok

Since its launch, TikTok has gained a lot of popularity among various groups of people, this social network adapts to any user and there are many things you can do if you register on TikTok , like other networks you can synchronize the contacts you already have and so on. continue sharing your videos, photos, advertising by different means. Let’s see how this can be done.

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  1. Synchronize friends from other social networks on TikTok
    1. Link your account to Facebook
    2. Synchronize contacts from a phone number
    3. Interact from searches
  2. How can I get someone to add me via QR code?
    1. Generate your TikCode
  3. What to do to prevent someone from adding me to their friends list?
    1. Make your account private

Synchronize friends from other social networks on TikTok

If you are starting in this world, here we will help you so that your beginning is easy and you can have the contacts you want. You will see that it is easy to navigate this network, let’s analyze the first way.

Link your account to Facebook

To progress in TikTok you must start following people, they can be people you already know or if you see an account that interests you, for this it is good that you are very insightful and know which accounts to follow , the truth is that this is a simple step and You can do it with your phone contacts or in this case the Facebook account .

The first thing you should do is open the application , you will see an icon of a little person ( I ) you must press it, in the upper left side you will see a little person and the plus sign, you give that and the option ” find will appear friends ” you are going to touch that option, you accept the permission they ask for and so you can see who of your Facebook friends are part of the TikTok community and to finish you just have to choose the contacts you want to add.

Synchronize contacts from a phone number

They are the same steps as in the case of Facebook, open the application and click on the icon ( Yo ), then in the upper left side click on the option ” find friends ” they will request permission to access your contacts and you give to accept, finally you will be able to search in the list of your contacts your friends.

Interact from searches

You can use the magnifying glass or the search option to locate information that interests you or a friend that you do not have added in other accounts, if you know the username you just have to write correctly and TikTok will start its search and what if you don’t know Your username?.

In this case you can use hashtags or labels , it is another way to get people to follow or videos that have fascinated us and we want to save them , you can get the hashtags directly from the videos you are watching.

How can I get someone to add me via QR code?

TikTok continues to make using its app easier and faster, which is why it offers advantages so that our number of followers increases every time, and for this it uses the TikCode has the same function of a QR, you only have to let the other person Scan it and voila, you already have another follower on TikTok, you can also send it to your contacts, publishing it on other social networks is another way to reach more people.

Generate your TikCode

To generate your TikCode you only have to spend a few minutes, once your TikTok account is opened, access your profile, icon “ I ” at the bottom, now at the top of the screen on the right side you will see three points, there you will find the configuration and the menu that comes out you will access TikCode and so you will have your personal code and now you just have to share that code and increase your followers.

What to do to prevent someone from adding me to their friends list?

TikTok gives them the option to decide what type of account they want to have, whether it is a public or private one, but no matter which one you decide to have in your hands, this limit the number of those who see your videos, you just have to go to privacy settings .

Make your account private

After entering your account, press the symbol of the little person “ I ” then in the upper right-hand corner press the three points and from the menu that appears, search for privacy and activate this option , private account, only the people you approve are ready. they will follow you.


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