100 Congratulations on Eid Al-Fitr

Eid Al-Fitr  – Congratulations on Eid al -Fitr is a common thing done by Muslims around the world. In addition to meeting Eid congratulations directly, you can send a greeting.

This method is also used as a means of apology if unable to visit. The existence of congratulations on Eid al-Fitr will be more memorable when written in their own language style. Like the example below:


  • Eid Congratulations on Friends
  • Speech For Old Friends Not Found
  • Sayings to Best Friends
  • Holidays Speech to Little Friends
  • Speech to the Farewell
  • Poetry Congratulations on Eid
  • Short Poetry Congratulations on Eid Poetry
  • Congratulations on Eid Al-Fitr Poetic Long
  • Congratulations on Eid Al-Fitr Using Pantun
  • Holidays Speech With Joke-themed Fashion
  • Sayings of Eid with Haru-themed pantun
  • Lebaran greetings with long rhymes
  • Eid greetings with short rhymes
  • Eid Al-Fitr For Parents
  • Sayings of Eid Al-Fitr To Parents Mixed Poetry
  • Sayings of Eid Al-Fitr To Mixed Pantun Parents
  • Eid greetings to weighty parents
  • Eid Congratulations Eid through Social Media
  • Personal Speech
  • Speech Aimed At The Group
  • Eid Congratulations Eid By Using Arabic Mix
  • Congratulations on Eid Al-Fitr Mixed in Long Arabic
  • Congratulations on Eid Al-Fitr Mixed in Short Arabic
  • Congratulations on Eid Based on the Sayer
  • Speech From Personal
  • Family Speech
  • Speech from groups

Eid Congratulations on Friends

Friends become the closest person after family, have a lot of time to interact throughout life. Because of that a lot of friction that might occur between families. Eid moment is the right moment to apologize. The apology can be in the form of Eid congratulations as follows:

Speech For Old Friends Not Found

For all the time we have spent when we still can hold hands together. Visiting each other so easily without a doubt. Even though we’re far apart now, you’re always the most beautiful part of my memories.

And the distance that only makes a break in the body. Sin and error can still flow with a heart that is not always protected. The world is becoming smaller with progress that is more advanced, making naughty whispers quickly reach your ears. It hurts the heart accidentally and just happens.

So with a sincere heart and a very sacred nuance, I apologize profusely. Hopefully with this my heart and your heart clean again. friendship becomes tight again even though we can’t look at each other. Happy Eid Al-Fitr 1500 H, please help Wal Faizin.


Sayings to Best Friends

Far down there, shaking your hand has been a sad expulsion in my life. The time we spent together, of course, provided enough space for me to sin. Through words, or actions and views that hurt you.

Although sometimes neglect is not due to deliberate intentions. Mistakes between humans become a barrier wall of mercy and guidance from Allah SWT. With this I congratulate Eid al-Fitr 1500 H, may the merits and forgiveness of sins of Allah Almighty give us. And our friendship can continue forever.

In the hope that we may find the love and love of the Lord Almighty. Become a servant walking along the path he has set. To Jannah and be happy forever.


Holidays Speech to Little Friends

Every day in childhood we complement each other, visit and try to continue together. but life will not allow us forever in such circumstances. The more mature the more responsibilities that must be completed. Too many dreams are asking to be realized.

To you my dear friend, happy mother of 1500 H. May I and you be the servant of forgiveness. And can continue to worship sin and nurture the merits, found in the coming months.

Dengan keimanan yang semakin tebal dan ketaqwaan tanpa tapi. Menjadi diri yang hangat oleh siraman kasih sayang-Nya. Taqabbalallaahu minnaa wa minkum taqabbal yaa kariim wa ja’alanaallahu wa iyyakum minal ‘aaidiin wal faaiziin wal maqbuulin kullu’ammin wa antum bi khair.


Speech to the Farewell

On the other side you have far found your new life. the people I pray for please will complete your present life. Here I always pray for the best for friends who rely on complaints.

Although the TV series that we have always seen together many years ago has ended, but I hope not with our friendship. Hopefully me and you can continue to strengthen each other and spread a smile. You’re both walking on the path that Allah has blessed. With full khusu ‘covered with His love.


  Birthday Greetings For Wives


I congratulate Eid al-Fitr 1500 H, forgive all my mistakes my best friend. Thus I have forgiven you. Taqabbalallaahu minnaa wa minkum taqabbal yaa kariim wa ja’alanaallahu wa iyyakum minal ‘aaidiin wal faaiziin wal maqbuulin kullu’ammin wa antum bi khair.

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Poetry Congratulations on Eid

The style of language that is profound and very striking is the hallmark of a poem. This will be very touching if used as a language in congratulations Eid. The atmosphere of Eid will be more touching with the language of the delivery of poetic speech. Making these words is not difficult either. Here is an example:


Short Poetry Congratulations on Eid Poetry

Engraved in prayer

To those up there the high demand is flowing

Like clear water cleanses stains

I hope my apology can wash away sins

Drive definitively to a supremely sacred destination

Become the person of choice and get the grace we expect

The self shines as much forgiveness as the ocean

Clear blue skies without clouds

Clean with cool glowing rays

Captivate every soul with godliness

Congratulations Eid al-Fitr, sorry for physical and spiritual birth


Congratulations on Eid Al-Fitr Poetic Long

I never knew where he would stop me

End the story with all the guilt that always stinks

Entangling the heavy load of steps kept me from waiting for that to happen

Sailing the ship that I was riding crossed immediately

The dream is to remain pure, perhaps

If my fault makes this ship keep swinging the waves

If without forgiveness from you makes my ship more wide perforated

Very good time, but not with the behavior that I realized was enthroned

As if digging into the hell that I occupy

Width and buff

Sorry for the rain that extinguished the fire

Your anger inflames me to destruction

I will bow down in humility

It is the arrogance that makes us small in the eyes of God

Do not want to budge make you walk far

Let me be adrift in the ignorance that I had begun

With this I will reach your hand for me to kiss

Bowing down remembering sins that are no longer able to accommodate the earth

Congratulations Eid Al-Fitr, your apology is the most beautiful gift I wish for

Congratulations on Eid Al-Fitr Using Pantun

Pantun becomes a style of language that can be used on many occasions. Included also can be used to congratulate Eid.

Words using rhymes will be more effective because they are more personalistic. Especially if the poem is his own work. Example of Eid Al-Fitr congratulations with rhymes:

Holidays Speech With Joke-themed Fashion

Your lap is not locked

Free horse dating he ran

After 30 days of fasting

Tomorrow is the day of victory

On the wide expanse of limp leaning

A fallen tree becomes lying down

Hear that Takbir is played

Let’s apologize


Sayings of Eid with Haru-themed pantun

The ship was swept away by the ocean

It is greeted with high waves and fierce throwing anchors

Tomorrow is the victory we get

After fasting is full and the passions are killed

The sky is orange but still creates bright light

A greeting from the sea gently delivered

To the tears now

It’s not sad you should write about

Sea turmoil is increasingly indeterminate making darkness not muted

Although tomorrow the world is over I will still rowing the boat

Ramadan goes away with a deep longing

May you and I reach him next year

Illustrated painting through the clouds

In the sky high he drew a beautiful smile

Happy birthday dear friend

Sorry, I hope


Lebaran greetings with long rhymes

Gazing at the beach facing the reef

Sitting stunned on the beach

Hold on to our lust for war

It’s a full month tomorrow

Spend our time relaxing

Coconut trees line up ramps

You’re kidding little sister

It was time for us on the day of Fitri

Hoping sorry I say

In the afternoon bring a lantern

The lantern goes out dark instead of the dusk

Brotherhood, let’s take care

Forgiveness is the key


Eid greetings with short rhymes

Going home with hundreds of chests

With a boat down far holding back homesickness

Congratulations Eid Al-Fitr true friends

I miss hugging your warm body tightly

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Eid Al-Fitr For Parents

Throughout the lives of children, even though they put all their wealth and energy into repaying services to their parents, this will never be enough.


  Speech of Isra Miraj


Especially when parents become hurt because of children’s behavior. Apology when Eid through Eid congratulations is the media to sincerely apologize. Can be done with the following words:


Sayings of Eid Al-Fitr To Parents Mixed Poetry

Heaven and earth bear witness that tears have fallen down

On a quiet night complaining over the worn-out prayers

Saving sorrow, only to be shared by both

Between the night’s sleep, silence and cold did not stop all this

With all your heart you whisper

“I hope our children”

Complain, with restrained pain

Accompanied by chanting mantras to open the doors of heaven

For that, trust me

Heaven and earth dare to testify to it

The noble men never cease to pray

Persuading the heavens gives strength to the fruits of love

Be brave that our Lord’s promises will never break

Noble humans will shine when the world disappears

To ladies and gentlemen, Eid Al-Fitr, sorry physically and spiritually. With great sincerity, I hope you forgive. Hopefully there is always given health and safety, and shelter protection from Allah.

The open door of heaven will give light to father and mother, with God’s promise of heaven. For that I forgive, for all the unreasonable words, for all the arguments which have been uttered.


Sayings of Eid Al-Fitr To Mixed Pantun Parents

The sun rises brightly

The afternoon became sweltering, ferocious and ferocious

Tomorrow’s holiday has arrived

Bring grace and victory

Reigning in the sky he arrived at dusk

Return to sleep in the dark without its light

Please forgive me

Your child is aware of so many sins

To my father and mother, I wish to celebrate the festive holiday of 1500 H. With great realization, I realized how much sin I had committed. Speak words that hurt father and mother.

Behavior that is not in accordance with what you have taught and expected. Disappointment after the disappointment that I have given. However, not the slightest bit of anger was a reply to all the stains that I smeared.

Ending the month of Ramadan may be a wonderful new beginning for all of us. With strong faith once and for all. And our relationship is getting stronger. Please help dad and mom, sorry to be born and inward.


Eid greetings to weighty parents

I never thought that being a parent would be this difficult. Being a parent is a lifetime profession, seven days a week and 24 hours a day. I can’t imagine how my mother and father took care of me and my siblings in the midst of all the crush.

If I replace my whole life and what I have, it will never be enough to pay off everything. I’m sorry I can’t go home on Eid this time. with this beautiful moment I congratulate Eid Al-Fitr 1500 H.

Minal aidin fal faizin apologize physically and mentally, for the rest of my life who has not been able to be a proud child. May Allah always bestow his mercy and protection to all ladies and gentlemen.

Eid Congratulations Eid through Social Media

Social media becomes a place to gather and meet with relatives, friends and relatives. Even the intensity of communication through social media becomes more frequent compared to direct interaction.

Social media can be used as a means to congratulate Eid. Eid congratulations through social media have the characteristics of short weighted remarks such as:


Personal Speech

Mistake makes black stains in the heart blocked from divine blessing. Tucked into a natural lie word every lip movement that has no rhythm. Painful nudging, pushing accidentally. Wrenching the wound even though it was held still did not issue a word of complaint.

Although knocking on the door and shaking hands seemed impossible. But the word sorry will be able to say through a distance so far apart. Apologies physically and mentally, and congratulations to welcome victory. Become a lucky servant and get the promised reward.

Having a ray penetrating the sky is a priority image. Creating a blessing for eternal life. Minal aidin wal faizin may Allah’s mercy be with us.


Speech Aimed At The Group

Although the distance does not allow for staring at each other. Hands that cannot shake each other are no impediments to forgiveness that will be conveyed. I congratulate Eid al-Fitr 1500 H, apologize physically and spiritually to all friends. Many mistakes as long as we know each other from me beg to be forgiven.


  Congratulations on Fasting Worship


There is no self that is always right without making mistakes. And there is no mouth that says things that are always pleasant. And behavior with soothing rhythm. Instead I have forgiven my friends. Hopefully the relationship will continue to be woven and stronger. So that it can be a good intermediary to the blessing of Allah.

Eid Congratulations Eid By Using Arabic Mix

Islam is always synonymous with Arabic, where this is the mother tongue of the Holy Qur’an, the Muslim scripture originated. The use of Arabic in Eid can also be meant by prayer by quoting verses from the Koran or based on the hadith of the prophet. Here is an example:


Congratulations on Eid Al-Fitr Mixed in Long Arabic

Minal aidin wal daizin, is too despicable of myself to be wrong and sin continues to always accompany. Speech that is not pleasing to the heart, acts that are not pleasant is this self-image. on a day full of forgiveness this will be more foolish if we forgive each other.

Taqabbalallaahu minnaa wa minkum taqabbal yaa kariim wa ja’alanaallahu wa iyyakum minal ‘aaidiin wal faaiziin wal maqbuulin kullu’ammin wa antum bi khair.

Congratulations on Eid Al-Fitr 1500H, hopefully a lucky servant is a part of us all. Hopefully forgiveness is always open, and the wisdom that flows is endless.


Congratulations on Eid Al-Fitr Mixed in Short Arabic

Happy Eid al-Fitr, our family say taqabbalallaahu minnaa wa minkum. We are sorry physically and mentally for all the wrongs and sins we have committed. To welcome the new day, new hopes and an increased spirit of worship.

With a holy start, white without stain returns. May happiness and forgiveness always be with us all. Worship is increasing and the light of heaven is becoming more real.

Congratulations on Eid Based on the Sayer

Sometimes Eid congratulations do not only come from the person. But can be to represent a particular family or group of organizations. The following are examples of differences in speech delivered:


Speech From Personal

After the passing of the holy month of Ramadan, Eid al-Fitr is the ultimate victory for all of us. Fly the flag of piety that is not eroded and the struggle is not over. The month of Ramadan that passes does not take and the monotheistic fortress that has been built strong.

I am fully aware that it is impossible to be pure from all sins. It is impossible for humans to never make mistakes. As victory comes after fasting for 30 days. I apologize physically and mentally for all my mistakes.

Taqabbalallaahu minnaa wa minkum taqabbal yaa kariim wa ja’alanaallahu wa iyyakum minal ‘aaidiin wal faaiziin wal maqbuulin kullu’ammin wa antum bi khair.

Happy feasts, may we be a blessing and a blessed age. Receiving the shadow of mercy from the highest heaven, forgiven of all his sins. Victory Day is witnessing a better life of monotheism.


Family Speech

Has arrived at the end of Ramadan, tomorrow fasting is not done. Interpret every struggle with victory. The promise that the sky sends down will never be forgotten. That heaven is not only a perfect relationship with God. But also with no sin between fellow human beings.

With this, our family congratulates Eid al-Fitr, sincerely and humbly begging, forgiving our sins and mistakes. Both our sins and the mistakes we made intentionally or unintentionally.

We fully realize that there will be no smooth life without hurting. The intention to connect the relationship hopefully becomes an open way for forgiveness from Him. Happy victory day, Eid al-Fitr year 1500 H.


Speech from groups

There is no perfect behavior without blemish, human life without sin. Interacting is very possible to make a mistake. Before an apology is given, there will be a dark day threatening all trips.

For that, I represent a large family of CVs. I beg your pardon to be born and inwardly, may all of our acts of worship be accepted and forgiveness from God always poured out.

Beginning with a fitri day, forgiving each other will feel wonderful. Although not shaking hands. But may all mistakes and sins merge with the day of victory.

Those are just a few examples of Eid al-Fitr congratulations that can be conveyed to friends, family and parents. By using any media, congratulations on Eid al-Fitr is judged by intention and sincerity.

By congratulating Eid al-Fitr is a form of caring, sincere apologies and forgiveness and a means to connect the brotherhood of fellow Muslims.


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