10+ Benefits of One Drive for Business Suitable for Businessmen

The more sophisticated technology, of course, will affect various types of fields that exist in this world. Examples such as the world of work that is slowly using internet networks to store data together. One online storage media that is commonly used is One Drive for Business. The presence of this service certainly facilitates many parties.

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One Drive for Business feature

1.1 Benefits of Using One Drive for Business

1.1.1 Can be accessed wherever you are

1.1.2 Access files with any type of device

1.1.3 Very User Friendly Display

1.1.4 Access together

1.1.5 Sharing documents or files

1.1.6 Synchronizing

1.1.7 Security Features

1.2 Tips for Optimizing One Drive for Business

1.2.1 Use on all Devices

1.2.2 File Sharing

1.2.3 Upload photos automatically

1.2.4 Become a Photo Album

1.2.5 Data Backup

1.2.6 Additional storage capacity

OneDrive itself is different from OneDrive for Business. If OneDrive is used to store personal data, OneDrive for Business is an online-based storage aimed at business. OneDrive for Business will be managed by you and your colleagues, as a team in the organization.

One Drive for Business feature

Before using it, you need to be familiar with the features offered by One Drive. OneDrive for Business itself is one part of Microsoft that utilizes services from the Cloud to share, store and also synchronize various work files that belong to your organization. OneDrive for Business services are also not much different from SkyDrive Pro .

One of the features offered is, this service can be accessed from a browser wherever it is located. In addition this service can also be accessed using any device, such as Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows Phone, Android and also iOS. OneDrive Business is indeed very friendly.

By using One Drive for Business, you can work on an office document simultaneously with your team. The service may seem simple, suitable for small business activists, but its features can be used to synchronize files, and can be a safe storage for important business files.

Benefits of Using One Drive for Business

Maybe you will be wondering, why you should use OneDrive for Business, while on the internet a lot of offers to use online storage services for your important data. But rarely are services aimed at business people like you. Here are the benefits if you choose One Drive for Business for your important data.

  • Can be accessed wherever you are

The One Drive for Business service is clearly accessible wherever you are. So you don’t need to bother going to the office just to access important data for your business. Of course you need an internet connection. Note also the presence or absence of limitations applied by the company.

  • Access files with any type of device

The second advantage that you get when using One Drive for Business is, the ease of access offered. The reason is, this service can be accessed using any type of device. PC, Smartphone or tablet, will help you to download and also edit existing files.

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  • Very User Friendly display

If you have just started a business and need an online data storage service, it looks like One Drive for Business is the right choice. Its user friendly appearance will facilitate you in operating various features and advantages offered. Of course you will have no trouble getting started.

  • Access together

Can be accessed anywhere and use any device, of course, also equipped with collaboration features, aka you and your team can access the same file simultaneously. Of course with these features, the advantage is that you can work on a file simultaneously, very easy right?

  • Sharing documents or files

By using One Drive for Business, you can certainly share files with other people outside the scope of your office or company, such as your client for example. Yep, don’t worry, you can limit access to these files before they are shared with your clients. Read only or free edit?

  • Synchronize

Another advantage of One Drive For Business is synchronization. Really, with the advantages of this one, you do not run out of time just to upload files that have been changed. This service provides features so that files that have been changed to be synchronized automatically.

  • Safety Features

The most important advantage of course you are looking for from the beginning right? Yep not to worry, One Drive for Business guarantees data security of its users. Ranging from virus scanning, data encryption, as well as special access limit features for collaboration and remote connections. So you can be sure, your business data is very safe.

Tips for Optimizing One Drive for Business

One Drive for Business is a service that is quite popular among business people, as well as you. In addition to the benefits that can be accessed anywhere, anytime and use any device, this service does have a relatively large capacity. You can take advantage of this service optimally, it doesn’t hurt right? Here are tips for optimizing it.

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  • Use on all Devices

The first way you can do to optimize it, is to operate the One Drive for Business service on all available devices. Logging in using the same account for all devices, makes it easy for all to share data and information with each other.

  • File Sharing

When you use the same account on many existing devices, the data and information stored on the One Drive for Business service will be shared with each other. will certainly make it easier for you to see data stored in one application. No need to bother opening one special device, right?

  • Upload photos automatically

Another feature that can optimize is, One Drive for business is able to upload photos automatically. Of course it will be very useful to copy the photos contained on the device you have. With this feature, makes it easy for you to access photos through any device without the need to transfer data.

  • Become a Photo Album

Another step to optimize One Drive for Business services is to make it a photo album. This is also easy to do because there are Album features provided by this service. Of course you can also share the album wherever you want, both email, social media, and others.

  • Data Backup

Especially for Windows users and also Windows Phone, you can manage to backup all data to One Drive for Business. With this feature, you will be able to secure your important data to be better maintained, right?

  • Additional storage capacity

For the initial use, you will be given a memory of 7GB, then up to 15GB. The package will certainly get a bonus of 15GB if you activate the roll camera storage feature. Other bonuses of course you can also get in other ways. You can also buy certain packages by subscribing each month.

Service One Drive for Business course is attractive services for your businesses. Starting from the easy use, guaranteed data security, as well as other features that support your work to be more professional. This service should be utilized properly and maximally.


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