All sun creams and after-sun products most suitable for children

The use of sunscreen is essential to protect children’s skin. Here are all the tips for exposing their skin to the sun.

Summer is a popular season by children to play outdoors, having fun in parks, beaches and pools . When the sun gets hotter, however, it is good to protect their skin with sun products that shield UVA, UVB radiation , sometimes even IR or polluting particles and this prevents redness, slight burns, spots, peeling. , etc .. In this sense it is important to choose sunscreen for children , products specially formulated to take care of the sensitive and delicate skin of the little ones, to which it is preferable to associate an after-sun for children that has a moisturizing, emollient and soothing effect.

Let’s find out which are the products of the kids line most suitable for protecting the skin from UV rays coming from the sun.

Tips for exposing the little ones to the sun

It is recommended to expose children to sunlight when the temperatures are pleasant because in this way different benefits are obtained. Specifically, we talk about:

  • increase in the synthesis of vitamin Dwhich, for the most part, occurs in the epidermis, thanks to the electromagnetic radiation of the sun. This molecule is important for stimulating bone development and strengthening the immune system;
  • improvement of some skin conditions, such as atopic dermatitis or psoriasis;
  • regulation of the sleep-wake rhythm, resulting in a prolonged night’s rest without awakening;
  • improved mood, as sunlight acts on some bodily mechanisms.

In parallel to this, however, it is essential to use protection when exposing children’s skin to direct sunlight, especially in those situations in which UVA and UVB radiation can be reflected and therefore hit the epidermis more intensely. This happens to the sea due to the effect of sand and water, which is why in such circumstances it is easy to be affected by sunburn or burns, very annoying and painful. It is necessary to use sunscreens even when it is cloudy or windy, on such days the perception of heat is less but the light rays still reach the skin. The same can be said if you stay under the umbrella for most of the time , even in this case it is advisable to protect yourself.

Furthermore, it is important not to go to the sea or to the pool in the central hours of the day, from 11.00 to 15.30 , and gradually expose yourself to the sun.

What are the characteristics of sunscreens for babies and children?

Cosmetic companies market products specially formulated for children, they can be recognized by the wording ” kids ” or by the presence of drawings on the package. Unlike those of adults, they have an SPF of no less than 30 , but for the first exposures or for children who have particularly fair skin it is recommended to choose those with an SPF 50 or 50+ , such as Isdin Fotoprotector Pediatrics Transparent Spray Wet Skin SPF50 + 250 ml . These cosmetics are formulated to be gentle on the skin, therefore they do not contain alcohol , they are not perfumed so as not to attract insects, and, in general, they are hypoallergenic.. To obtain maximum effectiveness it is necessary to distribute them optimally over the whole body, not forgetting the hidden areas; remember that by reducing the amount of sun filter, protection is also affected. The product should be applied 30 to 15 minutes before exposure to the sun and should be repeated every 2 hours or after long baths.

Solari kids: which formulation to choose?

Sun products for children, just like those for adults, are available in different formulations to choose from according to your tastes, since, with the same SPF, they give the same protection. Please note that infants under 6 months should not be exposed to direct sunlight and the skin of babies up to 3 months should be covered with protective clothing.


The cream is a cosmetic with a pasty consistency for which it takes a little longer to apply. In fact, for the sun to be effective, it is important to distribute it evenly because the accumulations could incorporate the sand that creates discomfort when it remains stuck on the skin. The specimens of the latest generation, while containing physical sunscreens , those that do not penetrate the skin but act like mirrors by sending back the solar radiation – such as Weleda Stella Alpina Sensitive Sun Cream SPF 50  – do not leave white patinas and do not grease . The use of the cream allows you to better dose the formulationso that there is no risk of applying a small amount, as can happen with the spray. Some products, such as Chicco Sun Cream SPF50 + , are also designed for the most sensitive and delicate skin.

Solar milk

The milk , as Vichy Ideal Soleil Dolce Latte Children SPF50 + 300 ml , is a product widely used to protect the skin of children because it is water-based and provides excellent hydration also is more lightweight than a cream , then spreads easily . On the other hand, however, the application should also be done more often as the sun is easily washed away by water and sweat. Also in this case there are formulations, such as Rilastil Sun System Baby Velvety Milk SPF 50 , which take care of particularly sensitive or delicate skin and others, such as BioNike Defense Sun Baby & Kid Fluid SPF50 + , which also perform an antioxidant action which opposes the development of free radicals, preventing erythema, sunburn and DNA damage.

Sun spray

Spray products dedicated to children, such as Avene Spray Kids SPF50 + , are highly sought after as, thanks to their dispenser, they allow excellent distribution even in hard-to-reach areas. Their quick drying prevents sand from sticking to the body, which is how Garnier Ambre Solaire Kids Advanced Sensitive Anti-Sand Spray SPF50 + works . However, we must avoid spraying the product directly on the face and applying the right amount, in fact not everyone knows that this type of formulation must be stratified.with various steps to obtain proper protection. Some cans contain flammable gases and are under pressure, so be careful not to leave them near heat sources or open flames. Alternatively, non-pressurized ones can be used, such as Nivea Sun Kids Maxi Solar Spray Protect & Play SPF50 + 300 ml .

Waterproof solar products

Many sunscreens for children, such as Avene Baby Sun Milk SPF 50+ , are waterproof , i.e. water resistant , which means that they are not washed away if you get wet for a long time. In order to insert this wording on the package it is important that after 20 minutes the declared SPFs are reduced by a maximum of 50%. For this reason, it is still recommended to reapply the product after prolonged baths. This type of sunscreen is not only available in lotion, but also with a dispenser that allows it to be sprayed, an example is Eucerin Sensitive Protect Kids Sun Spray SPF 50+ .

After sun for children

After sun products are used to soothe the skin experienced after prolonged exposure to sunlight. These formulations are essential for the skin of children which is delicate and more prone to redness. If, in addition to minor burns, there is also intense pain, pustules, vomiting, headache, fever and exhaustion, contact the pediatrician immediately. If, on the other hand, the situation is not serious it can be countered with a cosmetic that moisturizes, soothes and calms , such as Dermasol Bimbi After Sun based on natural substances, able to refresh and envelop with a light perfume. To facilitate the drafting, you can also choose a spray formulation,Lichtena Dermosolari After Sun Spray Children


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