What is the World Tourism Organization

The origin of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) dates back almost a century ago to The Hague. It is the United Nations agency that is in charge of promoting and promoting responsible, sustainable and globally accessible tourism.

UNWTO membership includes 156 countries, 6 territories and about 500 affiliated members, with significant and specific interests in tourism. All these are representative of the private sector, institutions and learning structures, tourism associations and local tourist authorities. In addition, members examine the parties and the trade and non-commercial associations with commitments and activities related to the objectives of the UNWTO that fall within its competence as an organization.

As it is, it is known internationally in the field of tourism as an organization that manages tourism-related activities. First, it promotes tourism as a critical factor in economic growth for most countries. Two, in this tourism sector, are seen as inclusive of development and sustainability in the environment. Thirdly, as an organization it provides knowledge, leadership and support to the main stakeholders who are involved in promoting tourism policies and practices at the global level.

UNWTO structure

The UNWTO structure involves the General Assembly, the Executive Council, the specialized Committees and the Secretariat, all charged with implementing the organization’s work program and meeting the various needs of the members. The official languages ​​of the UNWTO are English, Arabic, French, Russian and Spanish.

The UNWTO is based in Madrid and promotes tourism education and training, provides knowledge of the market and improves competitive and sustainable tourism policies. It also collaborates with other parties to ensure that tourism is a crucial and effective tool for development by providing technical knowledge and assistance to a series of ongoing projects in various countries around the world.

With the number of tourist destinations around the world opening up and greater investments in the sector, it has become a key factor in social and economic progress through the creation of jobs and businesses, export earnings and infrastructure development. In the last decade, UNWTO has established that tourism has experienced continuous expansion and diversification to become one of the largest and most economical sectors in the world that shows rapid growth. Many new destinations have come to complement the traditional favorites of Europe, North America and Africa.

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