How to work from home and make money on the internet

With the advancement of technologies and the Internet present in more and more homes in Brazil, many people are taking advantage of this easy access to the network to work at home and achieve their financial independence without having to spend hours in an office.

This trend is worldwide. According to Google, the year 2019 has recorded more than 300,000 searches about interest in working at home and related topics.

Entrepreneurship experts have been following this phenomenon for a long time and say that there is no lack of reasons for this search. The most common reasons are: unemployment, working with what you don’t like, mobility difficulties and the time that is spent every day on and off work.

If you also want to make money from the Internet, ending the month on a positive note without even leaving your home, now is the time! We have separated five ways of working from home and ensuring your livelihood through digital media.

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What will you read in this article?

  • Join an Affiliate Program
  • Have your own online course when working from home
  • Infoproducts for sale
  • Be a coach 
  • Earn money with Youtube

Join an Affiliate Program

When we think of working at home on the internet and making money from it, the most common image is the successful digital influencer who has millions of followers and partners with brands. Yes, it exists – but it is not the only way to live online. There is a type of business that small content producers can do and have a financial return. It is the affiliate program .

In this model, those who have their own platform (website or blog) provide banner spaces so that brands can advertise their products. These images are “linked” so that the company can track where each purchase came from.

That way, if it is identified that a person made a purchase after entering the site through the affiliate platform , the content creator earns a commission on top of the value.

But pay attention to a very common mistake in this medium: in order to link more and more advertisements, and thus earn money, there are those who do not filter the types of products advertised on their platform. In addition to polluting the site, this practice has the opposite effect.

Remember that content producers need to create a connection with the public, arousing a close feeling of friendship. For this reason, affiliate programs must be in line with the content presented so that the target audience does not find that insertion strange.

Have your own online course when working from home

The Distance Learning market is estimated to have an average growth of 21% per month. With the increasing need to stand out in the market, professionals turn to the digital universe to create an online course .

One of the main attractions in this modality is the promise of specialization just a few clicks away, which makes all the difference in the curriculum and remuneration of professionals.

How to undertake in this field and work at home smoothly? The first step is to know what topic you can talk about. And it doesn’t have to be about something revolutionary. Many consumers look for content at basic and intermediate levels, to gradually get deeper into a topic.

This does not mean that you must be generic. Discover the specifications and needs of your target audience and create a menu on top of that. The more specific the content, the easier it will be to attract the right people.

Then, we recommend that you make a decision regarding the format of the lesson you intend to teach: live or video on demand (VOD).

The first requires an organization designed for live streaming, which needs a reliable connection to avoid falling into the middle of the class. Disclosure is also a differential, to guarantee an audience during the course. Because of these factors, real time transmission is more used for those who have already consolidated themselves in the market.

Because of its simpler logistics, VOD is more suitable for those just starting out. The producer makes the videos, edits and then makes them available on the chosen platform; interested parties make the payment and gain access to this material, watching whenever they want.

Infoproducts for sale

One of the main changes that the technological revolution has brought is in terms of purchasing. Opportunities are now divided into three pillars:

  • producers : the creators of the infoproducts;
  • business platforms : operate as stores and sell digital products;
  • affiliates : that were mentioned in the first topic of this article.

Now, let’s focus on selling infoproducts as a means of working from home and making money on the Internet.

These are 100% online materials focused on the distribution of content and information. Because it is digital, it reaches more people than its physical equivalent and usually has a cheaper production cost as well.

As a consequence, the consumer also benefits. With this reduction in costs on the part of the producer, the customer is able to buy the infoproduct for a reduced price compared to the physical format.

The most common infoproduct is the ebook . Its creation is quite simple – for those just starting out, just a copywriter with basic layout concepts is enough to make the file more palpable for readers.

The material is shared in different formats that vary according to the platform used for its dissemination, and can be sold through simple Google Drive links.

Nowadays, many content producers prefer to pay a small fee per sale so that their ebooks are marketed on Amazon. Despite this “commission”, the return is usually satisfactory due to the number of people affected.

Be a coach

Coach is the person who uses several techniques and tools to help a person (the coachee ) achieve goals and enable them to achieve life goals.

This “guide” also helps in making decisions so that the results are the best possible. During the sessions, the person’s points of improvement are raised and they are worked on so that he has a better self-understanding.

Nowadays, being a coach in Brazil is not an economic activity regulated by law. In other words, no diploma or certificate is required to perform this function. But it is recommended that those interested take specialization courses to guarantee quality of service and stand out in a market that grows exponentially.

Just like any other profession, being a coach requires discipline, dedication and commitment.

If you are inclined towards this career, know that it is possible to work from home . The sessions can be done through videoconferences, as well as the entire process of specialization.

Earn money with Youtube

There are several ways to monetize videos on YouTube. The simplest is to link the channel to Google AdSense, Google’s official ad platform. Some requirements must be met in order to be eligible for monetization: having more than 10,000 views on the channel as a whole, having at least 1,000 subscribers and at least 4,000 hours of watched content in the last 12 months.

Anyone who wants to link ads on the channel via AdSense needs to ensure that the content complies with the site’s guidelines and is suitable for advertisers. In addition, the person responsible for the channel must have created the material or have the copyright to use it commercially.

This is not the only way to work from home and make money from YouTube. Content producers who already have a faithful and significant public can profit from the famous merchans or publipost. Direct advertising must be clearly marked, as the absence of a disclaimer can cause legal problems for the channel owner.

Regardless of how you profit from YouTube, you need to pay attention to the same point in the Affiliate Program. Followers follow the channel for a reason and connect with the topics covered. When choosing which advertisers to link or make a publipost, keep this in mind. Monetization will not come if advertising does not speak to the content of the digital influencer .

After reading these five ways to work from home and make money on the Internet, it’s your turn. Look for a subject niche, draw a plan and see what are the best ways to invest in the online business to achieve your financial independence.  Get in touch with our team of experts and find out how we can help you!

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