What is procrastination and how to avoid this common practice

Want to know what procrastination is, how to avoid this habit and be more active? Continue reading the post we prepared on the topic what is procrastinating .


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What will you read in this article?

  • What is procrastination and how to avoid
    • Meaning of procrastination
    • How not to procrastinate
    • 6 tips for not procrastinating
      • 1- Identify a pattern
      • 2- Do one thing at a time
      • 3- Block external stimuli
      • 4- Pomodoro Technique
      • 5- Divide the task into several steps
      • 6- Control before it becomes a habit

What is procrastination and how to avoid

Meaning of procrastination

It is not difficult to define what procrastinating is. Do you know when we have something important to do, but we can’t get started? Do we do all the other things before or don’t we do anything concrete?

We can define procrastinating as a behavior to postpone something that we have to resolve, to leave to deal with the situation later.

Whoever has this practice as a habit may end up compromising the quality of what is delivered or even failing to comply with obligations. Procrastinating can be linked to the lack of responsibility and neglect of activities and you don’t want that kind of image to be associated with you, right?

How not to procrastinate

Now that you know what procrastination is, we’ve selected some tips for not procrastinating. Even being aware of this habit, stop procrastinating is not easy.

Like any change in habits , it must happen gradually to be lasting, not overnight.

Procrastinating is related to factors that concern our society, such as anxiety, stress, lack of focus and even lack of motivation and productivity .

If you want to optimize time and increase your productivity and proactivity, follow these tips on how not to procrastinate:

6 tips for not procrastinating

It is not enough to know what procrastination is, it is necessary to act to avoid it and to know exactly how not to procrastinate.

1- Identify a pattern

What normally makes you procrastinate? Observe and write down, if necessary, what type of task do you usually postpone and what type of activity takes away your concentration. Create mechanisms to avoid this type of interference;

2- Do one thing at a time

Trying to multitask in those hours gets in the way. You will find that you are performing more than one task at the same time and in the end you do not complete anything or do neither with quality;

3- Block external stimuli

If you have trouble staying focused, external stimuli not tied to that task will make it easier to lose concentration.

Entertainment will always seem more interesting than an obligation, especially if you have a longer time to complete that demand.

For example, if you keep checking social networks all the time, you can leave your phone in airplane mode to avoid this distraction;

4- Pomodoro Technique

This is a well-known technique for those who want to be more productive.

The Pomodoro technique consists of working with periods of 25 minutes of total focus on the task, without external interference, interspersed with 5-minute breaks for rest or entertainment, with something that is not related to the task being performed. After 4 cycles of 25 + 5 minutes, there is a longer pause of 30 minutes;

5- Divide the task into several steps

If you are the type of person who loves to make lists, one thing that can help is to enumerate the steps, breaking a more complex task into several smaller and easier ones to do.

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6- Control before it becomes a habit

Procrastination is a problem that interferes with work and career, interpersonal relationships, can even harm health, generating feelings such as guilt, stress and anxiety, creating unnecessary pressure situations. Try to get around this practice before it becomes a routine.


You have already mastered what it is to procrastinate. Do you want to stop postponing and also stop procrastinating, really? Follow these tips, start the change, improve your behavior and produce much more and with more quality.


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