5 tips to help you not think about work at home

If you do not learn to leave things at the office, this can seriously affect your health.

Technological and cultural progress makes our lives easier and brings us new opportunities, but it also has a downside. Competition between companies is getting tougher, more and more returns are required from employees. And technology allows you to continue working even hours after leaving the office.

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To many, this seems to be the norm. The working day is over, but there are so many unresolved issues left, so it’s logical to turn on the laptop after dinner and work for a couple more hours. However, studies show that a balance between personal life and work is necessary to maintain physical and psychological health.

So, people who do not know how to “disconnect” from work are more likely to suffer from insomnia, which can be fraught with a bunch of problems, including premature death.

Overwork also increases the risk of depression. A person does not have enough time to cope with household chores and see loved ones, this causes stress. His performance drops, and the tension grows. As a result, clinical depression develops. So, because of the desire to be more efficient, the employee not only loses productivity, but also seriously undermines his health.

Here are some ways to avoid this outcome and leave your office job.

1. Plan ahead

It is possible that you have to work outside of working hours because in the office you waste a lot of time and energy on secondary tasks and small things. To prevent this from happening, it makes sense to plan the day in advance.

Choose the most important tasks and set them at the very beginning of the day. Remember that a person can focus on work on average no more than 2-4 hours a day.

Planning allows you to make your life easier, because you no longer need to constantly keep all the tasks in your head. The main thing is to follow the schedule and not add things beyond those assigned, otherwise the whole point of this action will disappear and you will start processing again.

2. Delegate responsibilities

Many believe that they are better than others to cope with all tasks. Even so, handing over tasks to others for which there is not enough time is very beneficial for health and productivity. You give colleagues the opportunity to express themselves and at the same time avoid the need to take work home.

3. Prioritize

If you are too busy to spend time with loved ones , then you have the wrong priorities. Think about what is more important to you: completing as many work tasks as possible in a day or family and friends.

If the former, then stop blaming yourself for not spending time with your loved ones. If the latter, then stop working overtime. A good option is to agree on a more convenient schedule. A leader who appreciates you will certainly agree.

4. Turn off gadgets

Very logical advice: turn off notifications for work applications, the Internet, or even gadgets themselves when you leave work. Another option is to simply ignore messages and calls.

Are there often situations that won’t wait until the next morning? Hardly. So allow yourself a break from obsessive colleagues. There are business hours for business.

5. Reflect

This tip may seem counter-intuitive, but it can actually solve many of the problems associated with recycling. There is a huge chance that all your busyness and attachment to work arises only because you are trying to compensate for something in this way or drown out some kind of fear.

Perhaps you do not believe in yourself and are constantly afraid of failure. Or you don’t want to lose the social status that your job gives you. Or crave the approval of leaders.

Immerse yourself in yourself, try to find out what this unhealthy passion for work gives you. See a psychotherapist if needed. If you do not get rid of this problem, then it can intensify and lead to devastating consequences.


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