A woman gives birth while in a coma for coronavirus: “I feel like I’m a walking miracle”

The story of Angela Primachenko is turning to the world. And it is that this woman resident in the city of Vancouver (Washington) has just been discharged from the hospital after giving birth to her little girl, Ava, just a few days ago. The most striking thing is that this 27-year-old woman did not have a common delivery when she was infected with coronavirus .

Angela Primachenko was 33 weeks pregnant when at the end of March she was tested for COVID-19 because she had a fever and other symptoms related to the disease, as she explained to the American newspaper ” Today “.

Very soon after it got worse. So much so that he ended up in the ICU with a ventilator and an induced coma . Her situation was of great concern to doctors who not only wanted to save Angela’s life: also that of the little one.

Thus, the doctors at the Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Center decided to induce labor. He was 34 weeks old. The objective was to give Angela “more opportunities to fight and at the same time protect her daughter,” according to “Today,” a media outlet to which the young woman has given an interview.

” I feel like I’m a walking miracle ,” he confessed from his home after being discharged on April 11. “Obviously, no one expected her to become so ill,” said the young woman, acknowledging that “she did not expect to give birth” to her girl taking into account everything that happened. ” Waking up suddenly and seeing that I no longer had a belly was amazing, ” he said.

As soon as she was born, Ava was transferred to the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), where she still remains. During her hospital stay, Angela was only able to meet her little one by video call.

As also happens in Spain, when Angela left the ICU days after giving birth, all the doctors applauded her. Excited, she was transferred on a stretcher to the floor, where she continued to recover for a few more days. “Everyone made a big ovation,” he recalls.

Luckily, you’re home today. But her little one cannot, although she can already hug her because she has already overcome the disease after testing negative for new coronavirus tests. Crying right now! I’m free of Covid-19! And holding my baby in my hands! ”, He said on Instagram, where he recently published a photo in which he finally has Ava in his arms.

“Ava is doing great and she is gaining weight every day as a champion. In another week or so I can take her home! ”She says in another publication in which she appears wearing a mask because it is the protocol established by the NICU.

Her husband David and their eldest daughter, just 11 months old, Emily, await the arrival of the new family member. Luckily, they have both tested negative for coronavirus.

” There is hope, ” Angela recalled during the interview. »Even on the most difficult days and the most difficult moments there is hope and you can trust God, people and the community. It was incredible how many people prayed for me. I am very grateful, «she assured.

Finally, the young woman explained that Ava’s name is not accidental: “It means ‘breath of life,'” he said. “She is our new breath of life


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