Fix; My Chromebook won’t turn on and gives a black screen

It is inevitable that our computers and mobile devices work for a long time and that they do not present some kind of problem or failure in their system. In the case of Chromebooks, it is a bit common that these for some reason do not turn on or do, but instead of displaying a clear image, you see a black screen .

Today we will provide you with all the information you need about this problem on your Chromebook . Similarly, the information that we will provide you here can help you solve black screen problems when capturing with OBS.

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  1. What is the correct way to turn on the Chromebook?
  2. What happens to my Chromebook if it charges but won’t turn on?
  3. My screen went black or white, what should I do?
  4. What are the quickest solutions to this error?
    1. Reset your Chromebook hardware
    2. Use the touch screen
    3. Reset basic settings

What is the correct way to turn on the Chromebook?

Before telling you what to do to turn on your Chromebook , it is vital that you know what are the possible causes why the device is not turning on as usual. Some of these reasons may be due to the following:

  1. The battery is completely dischargedor is in bad condition
  2. The equipment has connection problems and does not allow current to pass through the load pin.
  3. Battery charging does not complete and tends to be slow
  4. Components are shorting.
  5. USB devices are connected and these are preventing the computer from turning on.

Now that you know some of the possible causes, it’s time for you to know the steps you can take to turn your Chromebook back on .

  1. Disconnect each of the devices that are connected to the equipment inputs. That is, remove all attached USB drives and drives, external hard drives, and micro SD drives. If for some reason when you try to turn on the Chromebook it does so, it is because one of these equipment is causing the failure.
  2. Try plugging the Chromebook into different outlets and wait at least a minute. When you do, check to see if the lights are on or off. If they are off, you probably have a fault in the charging pin.
  3. Leave the equipment connected for at least a whole day and proceed to turn it on in the usual way.

Now, if none of these methods work for you, you can try something very simple to do before you ship the Chromebook to a technician. This procedure consists of pressing the Update key plus the On / Off key at the same time. After you do, proceed to press the power button only. This should be enough to get your Chromebook to turn on again.

What happens to my Chromebook if it charges but won’t turn on?

The fact that your Chromebook charges, does not mean that it will turn on. The load and the operating system work together, but they are not the same. This is one of the reasons why the user has to know how to suspend their Chromebook or keep it active for a certain time .

So there are a few reasons why your computer is not turning on in the usual way. These can be the following:

  1. The equipment has entered a protection mode for the simple reason that you have connected a UBS device which has a connection with more than 5 volts. So try unplugging it and then try turning on the equipment.
  2. Connected USB devices are causing equipment failure.
  3. The battery is failing due to having too much or too little power.
  4. The voltage being supplied is not adequate
  5. Possibly the software is the one that is failing

My screen went black or white, what should I do?

What you should do in this situation is to execute a Hard Reset on your Chromebook . Keep in mind that if you do this, all your data will be lost (as long as you don’t have a backup), even if you take a screenshot on your pc , it will also be lost.

In the same sense, that you see a white or black screen implies that the Chromebook system is having startup problems. Fixing this is so easy that you just need to press the Refresh and Power key at the same time . Then try to turn on the equipment and voila. Of the rest, you have to be aware of the power supply, the connected devices and other possible causes of failures in the system

What are the quickest solutions to this error?

Reset your Chromebook hardware

If this problem persists or occurs occasionally, your best bet is to do a Chromebook hardware replacement . Of course, for this you have to carry out a diagnosis of it to know which are the parts that you should replace and which ones not.

The other option is to enter the system and from there, have more control over your hardware in such a way that you have a certain level of control over its operation, whether you increase or decrease the working frequency of the processor , reduce energy consumption, among other aspects.

Use the touch screen

If your computer has a touch screen, take advantage of it and use it as much as you can. In the same way, we recommend that you be aware of its condition and use, since using it too much can create a long-term operating problem. It is not like solving the black screen on mobile phones due to fall.

Reset basic settings

As a last option, try to format the computer, so that it is as factory and you can use the Chromebook as in the beginning. Keep in mind that this solution or alternative is not 100% effective.

That is, while it is true that it can help you solve your problem, this solution will be temporary and not permanent. So keep this option as your last resort when you can’t do absolutely anything else on your existing Chromebook.


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