Windows Weather Forecast: here’s how to do it!

Tired of looking for the weather forecast on TV or on the internet? I have the solution for you, and no: there is no need to look out the window, the final answer is a word: Gadgets!

The era of gadgets

It was the era of gadgets, computers had Windows Vista and since then they have become for some a real must to optimize their work, and obviously the extensions dedicated to the weather have not been missing.

Unfortunately, the “gadget era” is over from Windows 7, but there are still various programs that can do for us, available and compatible among other things with the brand new Windows 10.

Windows HTC

Today I’m going to talk to you about the program that most impressed me, Windows HTC free software that will allow us to have the weather on the desktop of our Windows PC, having the time, temperature, date, and forecasts of the next available days.

Let’s install the program

To get this beautiful effect on our computer, the free program for Windows HTC home requires at least Windows Vista.

The program is available here .

Download the program, install it at the end.

The program is in English, but the Italian translation is downloadable from here .


Discovering extensions

On the website you can find more at the link extensions weather stations, the sounds and animations are free to download and are installed with a double click at the end of the download, the same applies to translations.

And the widget

With the Htc widget there will also be installed a component for news and photos, but you can choose what to show and what to hide or disable on or from our desktop.

By clicking with the right mouse button and going to Settings, you can set the values ​​to be updated such as frequency, unit of measurement and the style of the widget.

If you know new ways to get animated weather on our computer, write in the comments


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