Guide: How to solve notebook overheating problems

To define itself as a laptop, it must have all the elements in close contact with each other. The only ventilation system of a notebook consists of a small fan which has the function of keeping the CPU temperature under control, avoiding that the CPU rises excessively, melting the internal parts of the laptop.

Does your notebook overheat? Here’s how to fix it:

In many cases, the fan alone is not enough to cool the hardware and it becomes necessary to use an external support to keep the notebook raised and avoid overheating.

How many times in reality, do we not mind where we put our pc?

I am the first to cause overheating damage to the machine by simply placing the notebook on my legs or on the bed covers.

So here is what happens to the internal hardware system of the notebook when the ventilation channels are blocked.

The internal part of the PC turns into an incandescent oven in which the connections of the individual components are melted.

How do we notice a PC overheating problem?


After suffering damage from overheating, the notebook returns a black screen.

In most cases, the damaged component is the video card, which in many notebooks is built into the motherboard, therefore difficult to replace.

Before we understand how to solve an overheating problem, let’s try to understand how to prevent the laptop from reaching high temperatures.

How to avoid overheating of the laptop?

All computers have a protection system for high temperatures.

When the laptop reaches a temperature above 80 °, the protection system activates and shuts down the machine.

But if this does not happen, because (for some obscure reason) the protection system does not correctly control the temperature of the machine. We have two ways to check if the notebook has actually overheated:

  • Placing our hands on this, we feel that it has become very hot. So we intervene by stopping the system to cool it down.
  • We use support software, downloadable online to keep the temperature under control.

Finally, to prevent damage from overheating, it will be sufficient to purchase a rigid support that keeps the notebook raised from the surface. Some of these raised supports are also equipped with a fan, placed in the center and activated by a cable to be connected to one of the USB ports of our PC.

How to Solve an Overheating Problem?

If you work on a laptop damaged by overheating, it is important to resort to a Reflow operation.

This operation aims to restore the tin tracks which guarantee a correct connection of the video card on the plate.


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