How to make your computer run faster and perform in less than 15 minutes

All computers are destined to age. Over time, month by month, year by year, unnecessary files accumulate, the computer slows down and the desire to replace it with a more performing model increases more and more. Before making the big jump, however, it is good practice to do a little cleaning. Sometimes, in fact, it is only necessary to introduce a healthy digital routine to resurrect our trusted portable friend.

The digital routine I’m talking about is what we traditionally call spring cleaning. It is a good practice to eliminate the superfluous from the computer periodically. If it is not possible to do it by hand we can resort to programs to be installed on the PC that can automate for us all the necessary operations.

The results? Reduced startup time, better workload management and greater fluidity, not to mention the greater free space on the terminal to be used at will in personal documents, films and much more.

Where to start: the typical problems of PCs

Let’s try to understand what are the critical points of the system. This is the only way we can act effectively or at best to know where the automatic cleaning software I was talking about will act.

Unnecessary files

The problem with traditional computers is that over time they accumulate useless data which affect not only the opening time of the computer, but also the reading and writing time of all the programs on the PC.

Uninstall that does not uninstall

For example, a traditional uninstallation does not delete all the data of a software, and this is why many times a program activated in trial mode once reinstalled is not reactivable, the fault is (in addition to the physical files) of the registry which is not affected by the process of removing Windows programs.

The right program …

Now that we know what the weaknesses of laptops and desktops are, we can start cleaning. To do this we choose a good software, we can choose between a classic freeware like CCleaner or a shareware like Advance System Care.

CCleaner: free software

CCleaner is one of the most popular programs in the sector. He installs himself and takes care of the rest, to try absolutely.

This program, in the completely free version, only thinks about improving the speed of the PC, about privacy and other features, its older brothers think, which unfortunately are only available for a fee.

Don’t give up, the free version if you don’t have big needs, just go ahead.

Download CClearner from  here.

Advance System care: paid software

Iobit with its flagship program, Advance System Care, comes to the aid of us poor users, promising to solve, almost automatically, all our daily problems, the computer will eventually return to being a real bomb.

Download Advance System Care from here .

Compared to CCleaner it has an extra gear that we will now analyze.

Advance System Care: the functions

In a nutshell, here are all the functions of ACS.

  • Malware removal
  • Cleaning of Privacy
  • Internet Boost
  • Registry defrag
  • PC security
  • Fix vulnerabilities
  • Registry fix
  • Cleaning up unnecessary files
  • Fix the connections
  • System optimization
  • Disk cleaning
  • Disk defragmentation.

Unfortunately some of them are only available to those who bought the PRO version of the program, for those who decide to use the FREE version many of the listed functions are available, with some limited or even limited.

Just having done one of these mega scans should have helped the computer a lot.

There is still something to do …

We can then help the computer by decreasing the number of programs and processes that are loaded at startup, go to the toolbar and click on StartUp manager, a window will open almost immediately which will allow us to disable, delay or rehabilitate every single program that tries to start. when the pc starts up. After intensive use of the computer it is always advisable to use the SmartRam program, always available in the toolbar, this program will clean the ram that is no longer used but is still blocked, to make it available again on the PC.

Optimization doesn’t stop there

Other useful programs in the toolbar are WinFix, DiskDoctor, and Iobit Uninstaller these are my favorites but in addition to these there are many others. As for CCleaner I find it much more limited, at least in the Free version in the functions and features at least it is much more intuitive than its competitor and allows in an extremely simple way to clean the computer and the registry with just two clicks from the main screen.

To you the choice on which of the two programs to use, I find it useful both, in any case you must always check software and hardware updates on the computer, give a cleaning, a check, and a defragmentation of the disk to always make it at the top in everything and for all your pc.

If you have advice on how to optimize your computer, write them in the comments.


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