How to turn your blog into an app for Windows

There are people who do not want to open the internet, write the name of your blog on the internet, search for it and open it, and would prefer instead to open a simple application for windows 8 that was made specifically to do all these things, but apart from the simplicity is also a way to advertise and appear more professional. But unfortunately the applications are not created by themselves, or maybe they are? Let’s see how to turn your blog into an app for Windows 8.

First of all it must be said that if you are a student, as we have seen for Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2013, the program , as well as the developer license is free and you can publish your applications for free on the windows store, if you are not a student instead you must purchase a license and get Microsoft Visual Studio.

The license is only available for developer accounts that are paid for by non-students, however you can register here .

You can download Microsoft Visual Studio from here .

Now that we have what we need, let’s see how to transform your wordpress site into an app for Windows 8 in all respects, to do this we will have to use an online service called IdeaPress that simplifies hours and hours of coded programming, letting us customize our app that then we will download and then whoever wants can customize with Microsoft Visual Studio.

Let’s talk about Ideapress, to do it click here .

Click on Getting Started, and write the url of our website and the email that we want to use for free subscription to the service and that we want to use to download the app.

He will probably tell us that the Json Api plugin is missing, if you get their plugin that is available here , once installed and activated go to setting and then IDEAPRESS JSON API, and then check Ip_Respond and Ip_Core, finally save.

If your site is hosted by, the procedure is similar but you will have to go to create an app from the wordpress developers site, create an app and give it the name and descriptions appropriate and at your pleasure, then on website url write the name of your site then complete for example and on url redirect write, finally on type choose native. Then press on update, go to the next step if you have performed the whole procedure by writing your Client ID and your Client Secret.

For the next steps you just have to customize the app to your liking, careful to get images for the large, medium, small, and extra-large logo for the splash screen, and for the various logos around the app.

At the last step we accept the terms of conditions and select “Generate Visual Studio solution” and proceed.

Let’s go to our email and search for an email from IdeaPress, open it and click on Download.

We take the rar file and extract the IdeaPress folder which is inside two other folders, on the desktop.

Then we bring the IdeaPress folder to the Visual Studio projects folder, in my case it is located in Documents, Visual Studio, Project.

We then open the file called IdeaPress, once loaded the project in visual studio we press the F5 key to compile and execute the solution.

Here you magically open your app in full screen, on your pc.

If you want to publish it on the Windows Store as I said before you must have a developer account, which could be paid.


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