The 10 mistakes to avoid with your computer

When we use the computer we normally make mistakes, many are common, but they can ruin your computer’s performance, causing it to slow down a lot. So let’s see what are the 10 mistakes to avoid and not to do with the PC.

10 Fatal mistakes

The main mistakes not to be made are:

  1. Never clean the computer
  2. Never delete obsolete and useless programs, and files
  3. Never perform defragmentation
  4. Install more than one antivirus
  5. Do not schedule a backup for the computer
  6. Do not optimize the computer, (to remedy you can readour guide).
  7. Never perform a full computer scan with antivirus
  8. Download many cracked or illegally downloaded programs, perhaps from unreliable sources
  9. Turn off the computer by disconnecting the power, making sure the computer turns off properly
  10. Ignore the computer battery.

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Let’s analyze the famous 10 errors more closely:

  1. Never clean the computer, it means that the dust is winning the war against the computer, with the passage of time, risks that the fans stop working regularly and that the computer starts to overheat. If you start to ignore the problem, you may lose your video card and processor, which could burn out from the heat. Furthermore, a hot and overheated computer can lead to calculation errors.
  2. Never delete obsolete and useless programs and files means that as the months and years go by, the computer starts to accumulate files and programs and starts to get heavy. As long as there is enough disk space, and enough ram to make all the programs work, the problem may not be relevant, but it should be checked anyway. The advice is to delete old programs and files, uninstall them thoroughly, and cleaning the registry with special programs, one that comes to mind is IObit’s Advance System Care, which in addition to Uninstaller, from the same company, promises and allows the resolution of the problem.
  3. Never perform defragmentation, itleads the computer to search for a single file on the disk, across the disk, trying to put together all the pieces scattered on the hard disk. Defragmentation allows you to put the disk on purpose, allowing the computer to find the desired files without slowing down, and therefore without wasting time.
  4. Installing more than one antivirus,is a behavior that leads to a civil war on the computer, the two programs in fact, risk seeing each other as viruses, and risk removing each other. As a rule, the important thing is to have a good antivirus, but one is enough. Even leaving the computer defenseless is in fact a security risk for the user.
  5. Do not plan a backup, it is synonymous with catastrophe and natural disasters, in the event of a laptop, computer or hard disk failure. Scheduling a backup on an external disk allows further security of our files from destruction or accidental damage, if the backup is scheduled you can save the files that have been modified or added recently.
  6. Not optimizing your computeris one of the biggest mistakes, I won’t go into much here, because we have already talked about it in a previous article, which you can find
  7. Not doing a full computer scan with antivirus, itmight seem trivial, but if a virus has hidden itself well, real-time antivirus will never find it, but a full scan can do it.
  8. Download many cracked or illegally obtained programs: here I think the explanation is obvious, it is the main source of spread of malware, viruses and spyware, if you can avoid it, it is better for everyone, for you and for the manufacturer of the program.
  9. Turning off the computer by disconnecting the power plugmeans preventing the correct saving and disconnection of the user, here you can lose files, settings and recent changes, also to the components of the computer, a power surge is never good.
  10. Ignoring the computer battery, if yours is a laptop, this is also a sore point, even in this case, we have already written an article for you in the past, which you can find here .

Well that’s all, now that you know the 10 mistakes to avoid completely with your computer, you know why it is important not to make these mistakes and now you just have to get used to eliminating them from your life, but if you know other mistakes, which are made in front of the computer, write them in the comments, we will be happy to read them.


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