Windows System Blue Screen Cause Troubleshooting and Solutions

For windows blue screen is a very common fault, and it is also a very difficult problem to solve, such as software conflict compatibility issues, system patch bugs, improper overclocking, system file corruption, hardware driver compatibility, improper virtual memory settings, computer hardware temperature is too high, Hardware damage such as memory and hard disks, loose memory, etc. may cause computer blue screen. Because there are too many possibilities, only the right medicine can solve the problem of computer blue screen.

However, most blue screens are caused by software and system problems. Reinstallation can basically solve 100% of the problems. If the system still has a blue screen after reinstallation, it is basically necessary to look for hardware problems. But if you don’t want to restart the system, then you need to find the root cause of the computer blue screen to solve. So what is the reason for the computer blue screen? The following small series will teach you how to troubleshoot and solve the blue screen of Windows system.

Windows System Blue Screen Cause Troubleshooting and Solutions

If the system often blue screen, but you can still enter the operating system (you can also enter the safe mode to operate), we need to generate a DMP file when the computer blue screen through the system settings, and analyze the generated DMP through a blue screen analyzer such as WinDbg or BlueScreenView file, check the computer program or driver that caused the computer blue screen phenomenon.

Let’s first teach you how to set the Windows system to generate a DMP file when the blue screen occurs, so that the system can automatically generate a DMP file after the blue screen. Take Win10 as an example here.

  1. We right-click “This PC” and select “Properties”, as shown in the following figure.
  2. Click “Advanced System Settings”, as shown in the figure below.
  3. In the System Properties window, in the Advanced tab of Startup and Recovery, click the “Settings” button.
  4. In the startup and failure recovery window, we check “Write events to the system log”, and write the debug information as “Core memory dump” or “Small memory dump (256KB)”. Personally, we recommend selecting “Small memory dump”. Memory dump (256KB)”, click OK.

Note: Win7 system sets the method of generating DMP files, right-click “Computer” on the desktop – select Properties – click “Advanced System Settings” – “Click Startup and Recovery” settings, check the “Write events to system log” option .

After waiting for the next computer blue screen, we will find the DMP file of your computer blue screen through the path of C:\Windows\minidump. Next, we will use WinDbg or BlueScreenView blue screen analyzer to check the main cause of the blue screen, because WinDbg blue screen analyzer Although it is used more by professionals, it is not very friendly to Xiaobai, so here we take BlueScreenView blue screen analyzer as an example. The software is relatively simple and suitable for Xiaobai.

bluescreenview analyzes the cause of the blue screen

After opening the bluescreenview analyzer software, first we click the first icon “Advanced Options”, click “Load from the following MiniDump folder”, the default path is C:\Windows\minidump, and click the OK button to load DMP files on your computer.

Click on the Dump file you want to query, and it is recommended to view the last few Dump files. From the crash time, you can see which time is the blue screen DMP file that occurred today. After clicking the DMP file you want to view, we can see For the error message, we only need to look at one or more files in the red part.

Let’s first look at a blue screen case caused by a driver.

We can see the computer blue screen failure caused by files such as Nvlddmkm.sys and dxgkrnl.sys, dxgkrnl.sys should be the DirectX driver file, nvlddmkm.sys can be seen to be the NVIDIA graphics driver, and then I tried to drive the graphics card Uninstalled and reinstalled, and the problem was solved. If you don’t know what software or driver this file is related to, you can directly Baidu this file.

Look at a software conflict or compatibility caused a blue screen case.

At first I didn’t know what software the WdFilter.sys file was related to. I searched for “WdFilter.sys” on Baidu and found that this file was related to 2345 series software, so I deleted all the software under 2345 in my computer and observed For months, the blue screen did not appear again and the problem was solved.

Of course, after uninstalling, you can observe it for a few days. If there is no blue screen, it means that this problem is the cause. If you want to use this software, you can try to reinstall the latest version of this software or try a lower version. Some software versions may be different from certain Windows versions. It is normal for versions of the operating system to have conflicting or compatibility issues.

Common error files:

ntkrnlmp.exe: Windows system kernel, reinstall the drivers of all major computer hardware (including BIOS, discrete and core graphics cards, wired and wireless network cards, sound cards, etc.) through official channels.

nvlddmkm.sys, dxgmms2.sys, igdkmd64.sys: Drivers related to computer graphics card hardware, reinstall the hardware drivers of discrete graphics card and core graphics card through official channels.

NETIO.SYS, tcpip.sys, vwififlt.sys, wdiwifi.sys, rt640x64.sys: Computer network card hardware related drivers, reinstall the wired network card and wireless network card hardware drivers through official channels.

iaStorAC.sys: Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver, reinstall the “Intel Rapid Storage Technology” driver through official channels.

topsecpf.sys: The application of the “Topsecpf” manufacturer, uninstall the software of the “Topsecpf” manufacturer in the computer.

360Hvm64.sys: 360 Security Guard (360 Antivirus) application, uninstall the software of the “360” manufacturer in the computer.

TesSafe.sys: Tencent Computer Manager, Tencent Games and other applications, uninstall the software of “Tencent” manufacturers in the computer.

aida64.exe: “AIDA 64” hardware detection tool, uninstall the AIDA 64 tool in the computer.

xlwfp.sys: The application of the “Xunlei” manufacturer, uninstall the software of the “Xunlei” manufacturer in the computer.

chrome.exe: “Google”‘s Chrome browser, uninstall the Google Chrome browser in the computer.

HaozipSvc.exe, WdFilter.sys, Pic_2345Svc.exe, 2345ExProtec, 2345Iron.sys, 2345Misc.sys, 2345Prot.sys, 2345Base.sys, etc.: Basically related to 2345 software, uninstall about 2345 software.

The above is the troubleshooting and solution for the blue screen of the Windows system. If you often have a blue screen when using the Windows system, and the blue screen suddenly occurs after playing well, you may as well analyze the DMP file through the blue screen analysis software to find the culprit of the computer blue screen, problem. The solution is easy to solve. Of course, if you really can’t solve the blue screen, then reinstalling the system is undoubtedly the most direct and effective method. Eliminate all system and software caused by the blue screen. If you reinstall the system, the blue screen will still occur, and you can basically find hardware The problem is, focus on eliminating the problems caused by memory (multiple memory, you can plug in one memory first), hard disk, hardware temperature, and whether the hardware is overclocked. For more quality tutorials, please pay attention to Computer System City.


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