Win11 blue screen srttrail.txt can not boot solution

The computer blue screen is one of the most common computer failures. Recently, some Win11 users have encountered the computer blue screen, and there is a prompt that “Auto Repair” cannot repair your computer, the error is srtTrail.txt, and the computer cannot be turned on. What should the problem be? Let’s take a look at the solution with me below.

Win11 blue screen srttrail.txt can not boot solution

“Auto Repair” could not repair your computer, error srtTrail.txt

1. Press [Advanced Options] to try other options to repair your computer;

2. Under an option, click [Troubleshoot (reset your computer or view advanced options)];

3. Under Troubleshooting, click [Reset this PC (allows you to choose to keep personal files or delete personal files, and then reinstall Windows)];

4. Under reset this computer, it is recommended to select [Delete all content (delete all personal files, applications and settings)];

5. Under reset this computer, you can select [Cloud Download (download and reinstall Windows)], or select [Local reinstall (reinstall Windows from this device)];

6. Your computer has multiple drives. Delete all files on all drives? Select [Only the drive where Windows is installed];

7. Want to completely clean your drive? When deleting files, you can also clean up the drive so that files cannot be easily recovered. This method is safer but takes longer. Select “Only delete my files (use this option if you want to keep your computer)”;

8. Finally, just click [Reset].

The above is the solution for the Win11 blue screen srttrail.txt cannot be turned on. I hope it will be helpful to you

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