How to win a handsome man?

Beautiful, fragrant, strong, smiling and friendly. These are the main characteristics of what appears to be a perfect man, except for one small flaw: he cannot date, fall in love or be faithful. Whether in the club or in the study or work environment, it doesn’t matter, this type of man appears anywhere and, when you least expect it, he realizes that he is already in love.

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Getting to like a man who doesn’t seem to be fixed can be demotivating for any girl, however, all is not lost and it is possible to win this battle and win his heart. Did you play the wrong guy? Don’t worry, check out eight tips to use male psychology to your advantage and win over the cat:

  1. Be different:

The first step in conquering a chicken man is to put yourself in his shoes: if you were a handsome guy and a catcher, what characteristics would attract your attention in a girl? Of course, it is not easy to answer that question, but it is easy to understand the normal behavior of women who encounter this type of man. (How to make a man fall in love with you)

Much of the women show a lot of interest, it is so predictable that the achievement loses its grace. If he shows that he wants something, ordinary women will soon accept all invitations and do everything to please. The secret is to make him realize that you respect yourself, have an opinion, principles and that you can be a great company, not just an overnight partner.

  1. Confuse the boy as much as you can:

That’s right, a confused man is intrigued, an intrigued man is trying to understand, soon: you will never leave his head. Pay attention to it one day and leave it in a vacuum the next. Be affectionate in person, but take hours to reply to a text message. The less he understands what you feel for him the better. When the man is confused, the conquest becomes a challenge and the chances of him getting better.

  1. Have self-control:

Woman who runs too far ends up missing the chance. This is a basic rule that is valid for any man, not just for women. Not that you can’t look for it, but don’t let the initiatives always come from you. Man when in the mood, get in touch. If only you need to spend the energy to talk to him, it is a sign that he is not so in the mood and, in the end, you are going to be bad. Learn to be patient and wait for the right moment to send a message.

  1. Show your mysterious side:

The more he knows about you, the more he has to want to know, so don’t open the game right away. Don’t be predictable and control yourself so that he doesn’t know more about you than he should. As you get to know each other, tell something new that he didn’t imagine: a different hobby, a specific taste, etc.

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That way he will unconsciously look forward to finding out more about you. Know how to keep the cat interested at every encounter, but be careful not to reveal things that will shock him or ruin his reputation.

  1. Make him imagine the night with you:

Be sensual but not vulgar. If you’ve worked for months to buy a high-end cell phone, you’re sure to give it a lot more value than if you got one as a gift. When it comes to sex, the rule is the same. Do not make it clear to him that it will not happen so easily, despite the hunter’s instinct, he may feel that it is not worth investing in you, after all, they have easier ones. (How to drive a man crazy with words)

Also, do not play right away, as there will be no challenges and you will not be valued. The secret is to curl up enough to give him time to create feelings and attachment for you. If this happens, the tendency is for him to come to you more often and be unsure of his feelings. The longer it takes to spend the night together, the more expectations he will have and will likely be different than he already was with the others.

  1. Let it hunt, but be a tough prey:

Nothing can be clear to the boy, you need to know how to act with his unconscious. Her attitudes need to make her a challenging woman, but it is worth the effort. One tip is to refuse an invitation to go out, if he calls suddenly, say that he has already arranged a night with his friends and that he stays for another day. It is difficult to do this with the boy when there is interest, but can such an attitude leave him thinking about you all morning, is it worth it or not? The main thing is not to be always available and when you are, leave him wanting more and motivated not to go out of his way to win you over.

  1. Show that you have value:

We show value in practice. Don’t do anything sacrifice for him right away, don’t take three buses and walk miles to see him. Don’t do anything that won’t be cool for you and don’t leave him thinking that you can walk from Rio to Salvador for him. When you don’t feel good, know how to say no and impose what you want. So, in addition to showing that you have value, you also show that you have attitude.

  1. Be loving and fatal:

Mysterious and intriguing when you are away and loving when you are close. Don’t forget that being affectionate is not being sticky, just let him test drive 1% of what he will have with you. Always be comfortable in his company, show that you like being with him and make him feel good, but be careful never to make him think you are in control of the situation.


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