How to resolve when you and your friend are interested in the same person?

You met someone nice and soon got excited to go out with him when suddenly you realize that your friend is also interested in the good party. To make matters worse, she was faster than you and is already throwing all the weapons of seduction at him.

You are confused and angry at first, but soon realize that you need to make a final decision and you only have two options: Declare war against your friend and win the best, or leave the man for her and leave for another, after all there is man left in the world, there is no reason to fight for one. Both alternatives can cause future regrets and, to resolve this dilemma, it is necessary to put both things in the balance.

Find out how to put both on the scale and see if your friend weighs more than the man in your life, or if it’s worth leaving the friendship for him. / Photo: (c) Can Stock Photo

Before making a drastic decision, it is also worth watching the situation for a while. If he shows more interest in you, the war will probably be lost for her and your friend will have to understand that she was not the right person. If not, do not invest in someone who does not want you and try not to reveal their interest to them, because when everything is over, maybe you will become good friends. The situation can be difficult if the man shows indecision and shows no signs of having a preference for one. In this case, it is necessary to carefully evaluate and observe all his signs and the possible involvement of both. (Signs that he just wants to be your friend)

Friendship level:

Each case is different, so we cannot say which is the right one to do, but help to analyze the situation. Some questions must be asked to yourself before deciding something.

  • What is your level of friendship with her?
    • Known?
    • Self-serving friend?
    • Best friend?

The intimacy you have with her and how much you can trust her are two important things when choosing. If she is a true friend, knows all your secrets and has never betrayed you, know that choosing man can be a big mistake. However, if you are suspicious of the sincerity of her friendship and have already had to forgive some mistakes, you may be better off investing in the boy.

Caution in choosing:

Even if the bonds between you are not very strong, you have to be very careful when buying a fight with someone. Also assess how much she knows about you and what the worst consequences would be if she acquired a deadly hatred for you. There is no point in investing in the boy and, in return, losing his reputation across the city or becoming a victim of cyber bullying.

Man’s profile:

After putting the pros and cons of friendship in the balance, it’s time to measure how much flirting is worth. If you know that he is a womanizer, likes to play with everyone and throw it away afterwards, you may end up becoming a victim of this scoundrel and, in the worst case, lose her friendship and be alone. (Check out 10 types of men that are not worth investing in!)

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However, if he is a nice, respectful and fun guy, make your attempts to conquer and win the best. Being honest with your friend and dueling ladies so that the boy chooses who to stay with is also an option. If you win his heart and don’t lose your friend, the problem will be solved.

Deep dilemma:

The situation can really be difficult if you are in love with him and are very friendly with the girl. The ideal is to have a conversation with her on the subject, maybe she is not so into it, or maybe he has already decided on one of the two. However, never put the feelings of passion over reason, because loves come and go, but friendships stay.

You can like him today and meet someone better tomorrow. But if she is the best friend you have ever had, you may not find a replacement. If you’re not sure what to do, it’s best to just watch. This story will resolve itself naturally. Maybe he already likes one of the two or he may be interested in another one that you don’t even know. As long as you don’t know about his feelings, don’t bet it will work out or not and don’t turn your friend into a rival. (Check out 10 signs that he is into you)

The most important thing is to know how to control the feelings and, if you really like him, make your attempts and see if he is in the mood or not. However, be careful not to end up being deluded. If you notice any suspicious behavior in him, let your friend know as well so that she is not deceived. If they go through this situation with respect and honesty, the tendency is for friendship to be strengthened, regardless of the cat’s choice.


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