To win back your husband, win back yourself!

I have heard many shares in which the husband is no longer interested in his wife and goes after another; looking on social networks, or still, it is the wife who goes after another and so on. A coldness that begins in one of the two and, when the other perceives it together with the non-involvement or even doing it by “obligation”, unfortunately it catches it.

With this, the cooling increases as well as the distance from each other as well. Physical, emotional distance, dialogue, friendship, complicity. This is  very serious! Because if one of the two does not take steps to care for, resolve and shorten the distance between them, the marriage can be in danger. 

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The distancing can happen in a relationship, to resolve this, learn to love yourself first so as to win back the other

At one point in my marriage, after a pregnancy, I went through a time when I felt cold to date and have intimate moments with my husband.

We don’t have ready recipes for every situation. We live, touch on our weaknesses and seek, with God’s grace, the strength and inspiration not to sink into the traps that relationships face all the time.

In this case, I share how I “turned it around”, how I perceived the alertness of my body and the relationship and, at the same time, how I overcame this stage. You may think it’s silly, but come on … First, for women, then, in their own way, that men also think about what can be done.

At that time of coldness, I realized how I did not yield in moments of courtship and intimacy. So, I had an idea (laughs): when I saw that the day or night would be conducive to dating or that my husband showed signs that he wanted to date and I already knew about my coldness, I started a technique. Before dating, during the day, at bath time or at any suitable time, I dressed up , tried on the possible clothes to see which one I would feel good in, in which garment I was comfortable and, at the same time, beautiful (everything this looking in the mirror). I learned that I needed to feel beautiful again; to feel possible to be desired, I needed to prepare for the final moment, but before, well before, just me and the mirror. 

Be well with you

With these attitudes, I started to create expectations for the big moment. I began to wish that it was time to wear that outfit, that lipstick, that perfume. I started to surprise myself and to surprise my husband. I regained myself to regain our moments together. The sublime act of love, took shape again, took strength within us. What feeds us for the daily struggle (in addition to prayer), the couple’s sex life, has fed us again. And, when we are well with each other and with God, we have strength for any struggle.


by Abdullah Sam
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