Man must know himself without failing to know God

One of the greatest challenges  of our times, if not the greatest, is to pluck human beings from dehumanization. St. John Paul II used to say that man is the primary focus of the entire mission of the Church: “Man is the first path that the Church must take in the fulfillment of her Mission: he is the first and fundamental way of the Church, the way traced by the Church Christ and saw that, immutably, he leads through the mystery of Redemption. ” (PAULO II, João. The Redeemer of man . São Paulo: Paulinas, 1979. p. 41).

Being a person implies entering and, at the same time, leaving oneself – essential movements of the human being, which is open to progressive transformation in the search to find its fullness in the transcendent, since there is participation in the divine life. Each of us is a project to be built every day. The human being will always be a secret to be discovered, because “each man has an unrepeatable characteristic”. (STEIN, Edith. Die Frau… p. 132. Italian. P. 197).

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Man is an essential part of the Church’s mission, and for that he must always be evolving, but without turning away from God

There is a remarkable growth in writing, based on human overcoming, based on their own efforts, which shows that man is trying to find himself to overcome the obstacles of daily life . However, there is a paradox here, because if the support based on itself were satisfactory to the human being, he would not be so divorced from himself for a meaningless life, steeped in sadness and debauchery. It is notorious that there is a big problem here, as there is a sincere search by the human being for self-dependence, however, he has not yet realized that, removed from his Creator, he will be increasingly distant from his deepest satisfactions, because his thirst for being happy will never be quenched away from full Happiness, which is God Himself. 

Even though the current world lives as if God did not exist – being, therefore, so skeptical, rationalist and relativist – you are invited to rediscover the value of faith that dwells within you and allow it to guide your conduct so that from there, find yourself again, finding the Creator, by whom you are shaped and planned.

Discover its essence

We have the God-given ability to lift us up. So, in a simple way, the objective of the book The Secret of Being You is to trace a spiritual path, through human skills, to be what we should be. Having the knowledge of himself, with the help of divine Grace, the human being is able to rediscover his beauty and his essence . The guiding thread of this book, therefore, is to guide the reader in the rediscovery of this essence not only as a rational animal, as Saint Thomas Aquinas says, quoting Aristotle, but, above all, as the Image and Similarity of its Creator. Human nature is ordered to an end, which, if neglected, will deform nature itself.  

Man, like a spiritual being, has the will as one of his capacities, and this, according to Saint Edith Stein, “is trained by exercising in choosing, deciding, overcoming, persevering, etc.” (STEIN, Edith. Anthropological and pedagogical writings. Complete works. Volume IV. Madrid: Espiritualidad, 2003). Thus, we can reiterate that this ability to choose , decide, overcome and persevere is inserted in man by his Creator, so it is unthinkable to deal with the human mystery without raising the mind to God, without which we would not exist, because we are contingent beings and we do not subsist on our own. 

The role of pain in our life

It is also important to understand the role of pain in the life of the human being, because, when understanding that pain is a consequence of man’s rupture with God, we then notice that the way to overcome it is the act of union with Him. Son of God takes on the pain, becoming a man and dying on top of a Cross, having undergone atrocious tortures in the scourging so that in Him every creature would find the value of suffering. 


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