How do you deal with the past?

Making memory is very important. Pope Francis recently said in one of his homilies that we cannot commit the sin of not remembering the events that mark our lives with hope, courage and patience. Precisely because, when we remember the deeds of God, we are remembering that He is the Lord, who has already done wonders in us and can do much more, because for Him nothing is impossible. 

What we cannot do is stick to the memory and not live in the present or move into the future. Saint Padre Pio teaches us to pray like this: “My past is in the mercy of God, my future in the hands of Divine Providence, and my present is before His love”. Experiencing this truth is one of the most important discoveries we can make. 

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We cannot stop living in the present because we are clinging to the past, because it takes time away from God’s grace.

Living attached to the past takes us out of kairos , the time of grace, which is the present where God manifests. Our God was not and will not be, He is, in the present moment , He is Lord now, in the place and in the situation in which we are living, and His grace is manifested thus, in the present.

Maria is a great example of someone who knew how to pass through this world, letting go of things that pass and choosing what is essential.

She lived the present with courage and was not afraid to make memories, to take her history as her own, without running away from it, without becoming a victim, without becoming attached to the facts and without blaming others. Before, Mary, realizing the traits of God in each event in her history, exalted His mercy, as He did at the Magnificat: “The Lord has done wonders for me. Holy is His name ”(Luke, 1).

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Don’t blame yourself or blame others. Guilt is a poison that has trapped many hearts. God wants you free, moving on, even if it’s slow. When the feeling of guilt binds us to the past, God’s mercy drags us into the future, and we must allow ourselves to be guided by it. 

Remember that “ past waters don’t move the mill”. Open your heart to the love of God, which is manifesting itself now in this present moment, and let it pass . 


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