When will Hindi be accepted as a global language

Really, if something is done in Hindi for ‘Hindi’, it feels good. When we do something for the Hindi speaking Hindi language across the border, we feel cheated with surprise. Indeed, on the day when we feel proud to speak Hindi from our conscience, where will Hindi reach from where? The purpose of ‘World Hindi Day’ is also something that will create an atmosphere for the promotion of Hindi in the world, create a feeling of affection, affection, spread awareness for the condition of Hindi, and establish Hindi as a global language. To do.

It does not appear difficult in front of the ownership of the British. If we have a strong will for non-politics, then the day is not far when the Hindi of the world’s largest democracy will become the point of forehead of the world. To achieve all this, the concept of ‘World Hindi Day’ was formed. The World Hindi Conferences were started with the aim of developing and promoting Hindi in the world.


Although the first World Hindi Conference was held in Nagpur on 10 January 1975 , it took 31 years for the announcement to be officially celebrated every year, which remained meaningless. Due to lack of honest efforts, it is taking a lot of time to enrich Hindi in the country and the world.


Announcement of World Hindi Day on January 10 every year, the then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh made a solid start in this direction in 2006 and the Ministry of External Affairs through dignified events, seminars, discussions in all offices including in Indian embassies around the world. Instructed to be empowered. But more than the government machinery, foreigners have accepted this, only then Hindi is taught and taught in some form in about 170 countries of the world. A sad aspect is that in India, wherever Hindi was opposed in the past, local politics was more behind it.


Now the situation has changed a lot. Take Tamil Nadu, Mizoram, Nagaland, a large number of institutes are running to speak and teach Hindi, whereas Arunachal Pradesh is a kind of official language Hindi while the state of Nagaland has recognized Hindi as the second official language. Within the country, people are taking great interest in Hindi examinations of many institutions like Dakshin Hindi Prachar Sabha, Madras and Rashtrabhasha Prachar Samiti, Wardha. The other big truth is that all Indian languages, including Hindi, are not challenged with English, but with Indians with English mentality which has to be changed.


Hindi could not be made the official language of the United Nations till date. The United Nations gave official languages ​​the status of 6 languages. Although at the time of the formation of the United Nations, only 4 official languages ​​were accepted as Chinese, English, French and Russian whereas in 1973 Arabic and Spanish were also included. Controversy also arises that English alone is in favor of the status of the official language, while many believe that Hindi, the favorite of the world’s largest democracy, should also become the official language of the United Nations.


Look at the coincidence and irony that Yoga got the support of 177 countries, which is a matter of pride for India, but can 129 countries not be mobilized for Hindi? Across the borders, Japan, Egypt, Arabia and Russia are showing much more activism regarding Hindi. It is a matter of pride and utmost respect. But Yakshaprashan is just that, why is it not so in India? Surely the answer will be very difficult. We take pride in speaking English and a sense of inferiority in speaking Hindi. And till we remove this feeling completely, how can we see Hindi as a language of respect and dignity?


Ironically, the English of the 26 letters of the Roman script is heavier than the 52 letters of Devanagari. The reason is not to be serious about the official language, divided with respect to our own common language. We ourselves take a beating on the province, language and dialect, and on the other hand, consider English as a medium of progress. This myth has to be broken.


Hopefully! First, if Hindi became the need of contact and government work in whole of India, then its value and respect would also increase in foreign countries.

Statistics show that there are about 9 thousand websites of the central and state governments, which first open in English and then comes the Hindi option. The same situation is with computer typing in Hindi. Many other countries, including China, Russia, Japan, France, UAE, Pakistan, Bangladesh, work on computers in their own language and in a font. But many fonts of Hindi printing are prevalent in India, which do not open in other computers, whereas Hindi practice of writing Roman words in many Hindi newspapers has become very popular. Don’t you think this is an injustice to Hindi?


There is a need for honest and honest initiative. If this happens, good days will also come for the prosperity of Hindi. Why should we not be the language-speakers of any province, caste and religion, but when it comes to a country, the language and script is also important, because in India, Hindi is the only language that is understood and spoken everywhere. All that is needed is that the countrymen accept it internally.



by Abdullah Sam
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